Car Accident Lawyer Maine

David-BateIf you have been injured in an auto accident you can speak with a car accident lawyer Maine provides to find out your legal options. When you call David Bate Law for a free consultation you can ask questions about your claim, your future, and the possible compensation available. At David Bate Law, it is our primary objective to assist clients in resolving their issues effectively and with haste. If you do not find an answer to these general car accident questions, please call our law firm today at (207) 945-3233.

Should I call the police after a car accident?

Yes, it may be in your best interest to call the police after an accident. This is critical, especially when a collision has led to injuries or extensive damage. If you were involved in a wreck and the police did not come to the scene, it’s important to file a report. For further questions, you may call a car accident lawyer Maine depends on.

Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance provider? 

It is highly advisable to avoid giving a statement to the insurance provider of another driver involved. Should you be contacted, you have the right to decline speaking with them. Be polite, but firm regardless of what they may say to persuade you into providing information. If you’re presented with a settlement offer before speaking to a car accident lawyer in Maine, and accept it, you risk being unable to pursue a legal claim. David Bate Law can help you to determine a fair and just amount based upon the true facts of your claim. This amount may be negotiated which could offer you more than what you would achieve without the guidance of a lawyer.

When will my car accident claim be resolved? 

The time it may take for a claim to be resolved is subjective to your own personal circumstances. Some claims take just a few weeks and others could take several months or more.

After the crash I didn’t have pain and refused medical treatment, now I have pain. What should I do? 

This is a common occurrence. As soon as the pain arises, no matter how minor it may be, you should seek medical treatment. If you have not contacted a car accident lawyer Maine respects yet, it’s prudent to consider doing so.

Do I really need a lawyer for a car accident? 

Technically you don’t have to retain a lawyer, but it makes good sense to do so regardless of you being the injured party or negligent driver.  If the collision involved serious injuries or death David Bate Law would like to hear your story as soon as possible.

The driver who hit me was uninsured, now what?

There are ways to collect compensation, but doing so can be a precarious matter and dependent upon a number of finer details which should be assessed by a lawyer.

Scheduling a Free Consultation with David Bate Law

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