Top Reasons to Avoid a Public Defender

  • By:David Bate

When you are faced with criminal charges, hiring an attorney is an important part to the legal process. All people have the right to legal defense when charged with a crime. If someone does not have the means available to hire a private attorney, the courts will appoint a public defender to represent them. There are a number of risks involved with allowing a public defender to represent you. The following outlines the reasons it is recommended and in your best interest to go with a private, criminal defense attorney.

Public Defenders are Short on Time

  • It is common for a public defender to move cases through the system as quickly as they can as they are paid much less than private attorneys.
  • Private attorneys can give more attention to a case.
  • Public defenders do not spend as much time with their clients because they often do not charge by the hour.
  • Public defenders often will attempt to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor much faster than a private attorney.  

Preparing for the Courtroom

  • The advice of a private attorney can be indispensable when it comes to receiving an outcome in your favor. They can help to prepare their clients for what to expect and how to manage themselves before you walk into the courtroom.
  • Because public defenders have so little time, they often do not give very much direction to their clients.

Representing You in Court

  • A private attorney can successfully look through the prosecution’s case to navigate how they should defend their client in court.
  • Private attorneys have the ability to educate themselves around the details of the case, allowing them to provide their clients with a strong defense.
  • When trying a case, time is of the essence. Because private attorneys have more of it, they are able to gather the information needed in discovery and efficiently prepare for trial.

Plea Deals

  • It can be more challenging for a prosecutor when a private attorney is involved. Due to this factor, they are much more likely to offer a plea bargain.
  • Charges could be dropped when a private attorney is involved because they have the ability to examine the cases shortcomings.  

It is common for a person to feel helpless and experience high levels of stress when faced with the prospect of being prosecuted for a crime. You may be able to alleviate some of the stress you are experiencing by taking control of the situation and having a clear understanding of the steps you should take throughout the process. In order to reach the best possible outcome, hiring a private attorney such as the Criminal Lawyer Peoria IL locals trust can protect your best interests will prove to work to your benefit.

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