December 2016

In general, benefits under a Worker’s Compensation Act are based on an injured worker’s ability/inability to work. Thus, an injured worker’s decision to remove him/herself from the workforce by means of retirement raises a set of complex concerns and arguments that may impact an injured worker’s ability to claim benefits. First, temporary total or partial […]

As a car accident lawyer Little Rock AR respects might attest, lawyers will generally evaluate a case on two broad factors: liability and damages.  If there are catastrophic injuries involved, a lawyer is more likely to take on a case with a questionable police report, if the client can articulately and clearly prove why the police report […]

Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents With the winter in full effect, we have to look at out for a few hazards outside.  Not just ice, but also a host of other things we have to look out for.  Although we will talk about the two main objects to look out for to slip, […]

As a car accident lawyer Little Rock, AR respects might attest, no motor vehicle collisions are routine – every one is unique.  So you’re on your way to pick up the kids and you’re in a car accident.  You are immediately experiencing pain, and through the haze, you are told that the person who hit you was […]

Before filing a petition for expungement, a person should be aware that there are 3 main factors the court will consider before granting the petition. First, as a Shelby NC expungement lawyer might explain, the court will consider whether you meet the statutory requirements. Every expungement statute is a little different, however most require that a person […]