June 2017

Having an estate plan is crucial if you hope to transfer assets in accordance with your last wishes. While estate plans are easy to create, it is also easy to make mistakes before, during, and after they have been made. Let’s take a look at a few common errors that you should avoid in your […]

We live in a world where everybody has the ability to make his or her voice known across different media and digital platforms. Law firms need reputation management more than at any other time in history, due in large part to the advent of the internet. Millions of people now have the voice to express […]

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority is the regulatory and enforcement agency that sets standards for the trucking industry country wide.  While most states also have their own set of rules and guidelines, the federal regulations are always in place as the minimum standard that must be met.  Failing to follow these rules may create […]

Absolutely nothing beats the heat like having your own private swimming pool to enjoy. Homeowners across the country choose have these little bits of paradise in their backyards to privately swim in with their family and friends. However, all owners of swimming pools need to be aware of the legal responsibilities involved in their ownership. […]