July 2017

Vehicle Recall: Will It Impact Your Personal Injury Lawsuit? Operating a motor vehicle is something that most people do, but it is also something that is very commonly the cause of injuries or even death. Given this grim reality, one might want to know what it means when a vehicle that they are operating or […]

It should not come as a surprise that each year, millions of people get injured or die because of defective products. A majority of these defective products are electrical appliances, automobiles, medical devices, sporting equipment, nursery products, and furniture. When a person loses their loved one due to a defective product, their best recourse is […]

When you get behind on your car payments and fall into default on your loan, you are at great risk of repossession. Banks repossess cars all the time: they track down the vehicle and take it from you, sometimes when you least expect it. As a top attorney for car repossession Memphis trusts, I’ve helped […]

Although we’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving, many people still text on their smartphones, put on makeup and do other things to distract themselves from the road. When you are on the road for a while and become bored, it can definitely be tempting to shift your attention to something else for […]