December 2017

The degree of damage from a brain injury can range from mild to permanent or severe. It is quite possible that an individual may not even realize that he or she has suffered from a brain injury until it is too late. With such a large range of brain injuries, diagnosing one can be a […]

Because it impedes concentration, affects motor skills, and impairs judgement, alcohol is often a factor in the nation’s fatal car crashes.  The number of alcohol-related wrecks has remained consistently high in recent years even though there are many new laws and police tactics available to combat “drunk driving,” which indicates that impaired driving is simply […]

Speeding may be one of the more romanticized pastimes in America with images of solitary drivers on an open road and no speed limits. The reality, however, is that speeding, especially high-speed driving, is inherently dangerous and can have lifetime repercussions, as a car accident lawyer West Palm Beach FL drivers trust can attest. There […]