January 2018

A proffer agreement is a written contract between a federal prosecutor and a criminal defendant or someone who is under investigation, in which the person agrees to provide the government with helpful information about crimes with some assurances that they will be protected against prosecution.  Proffer is also sometimes called “Queen for a day.” Proffer […]

Clients are often fearful of going to trial because of the stress, time and expense that it takes. Trial is undoubtedly a very difficult process. Most clients get extremely nervous about the idea of taking the stand, and having to tell their story to a room full of strangers. Even worse, the thought of family […]

Athletic activities can be excellent spaces for children to tune their physical health as well as build character. Despite the developmental benefits, your child may be at heightened risk for an injury. Knee injuries are extremely common in the United States and are frequently attributed to sports-related incidents. Highly common injuries of the knee experienced […]

Your right to remain silent after you’ve been charged with a criminal offense is one of the most important rights you have. You’ve likely seen TV shows and movies featuring police officers reading someone their “Miranda Rights,” which includes the right to remain silent. However, this legal right is a little more complex than it […]