7 Common Criminal Defense Strategies

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Those who have been arrested due to being accused of a crime, may respond with panic at the potential consequences, as a criminal defense lawyer Bangor, ME trusts can attest. Depending on the crime, the person may face jail time, hefty fines, and permanent marks on his or her record. Those who are getting ready for the courtroom, may want to meet with an criminal defense lawyer in Bangor, ME who is familiar with criminal defense strategies. Attending your court hearing blindly and without strategy, can be hugely detrimental to your case.

Here in the article below, we have talked about the seven most common criminal defense strategies used in the court of law. There are two approaches to a criminal defense strategy. The first, is that the accused did commit the crime but there are reasons why he or she should not be responsible for these actions. The second, is that the accused did not commit the crime and the defense works to bring forward evidence which proves such, or raises a reasonable doubt.

#1 – Lack of Sufficient Proof

A person accused of a crime is innocent until proven otherwise, as a Bangor, ME criminal defense lawyer can explain. With this strategy, the defense does not actually have to outright prove innocence. The prosecution may not have enough proof to show the accused did in fact commit the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

#2 – Proof of an Alibi

The defense must bring forward evidence that shows the accused was somewhere else when the crime was committed. It is not possible to be at two places at once, so the accused is typically freed from the charge.

#3 – Consent

In some arrests, the accused is mistaken for having participating in non-consensual activity with another person. Proving consent can be helpful, but does not always result in an entire acquittal of charges.

#4 – The Accused Used Self-Defense

Those who were arrested due to assault or other damaging physical contact, may take the self-defense stance. In some situations, engaging in a physical fight with another person was needed in order to escape danger. With the self-defense strategy, the defense must show how getting into physical conflict was necessary for safety.

#5 – Insanity

The insanity defense strategy should only be used when appropriate, as a criminal defense lawyer in Bangor, ME would stress, where the accused has a condition in which he or she cannot distinguish between right and wrong behavior. Evidence from a therapist, psychiatrist or other doctor may be needed in order to prove insanity. Even if the accused is freed of charges, rehabilitation or other treatments may be required.

#6 – Under the Influence

If a crime was committed while under the influence and the defense can prove that the accused was not in his or her normal mental state at the time, a decreased or acquittal of charges may be possible. However, this defense strategy would not work well for a DUI case.

#7 – Entrapment

This is when law enforcement went undercover in order to catch the accused of committing a crime, but went too far in their approach. Police officers may actually end up forcing someone into acting in a criminal manner. An example of this would be an undercover cop who influences a person into selling illegal drugs, when perhaps they would not have otherwise.

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