Attorney Advice for Co-Parenting After Divorce

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When parents meet with an attorney for help during their divorce, they may wonder about how to make co-parenting as smooth as possible. Divorce can be one of the most stressful and painful things a person may go through in their lifetime. Not only are they parting ways from someone they hope to be with for life, but their family is also being torn apart. One of the best things a person can do is talk with a legal professional who is knowledgeable in family law matters. It is equally as crucial during this time to ensure that your rights are being protected, especially as topics like child support, alimony, and custody are settled. 

Attend Mediation For Parenting Conflicts

Mediation can be the most useful resource for parents who are having parenting conflicts, but want to avoid going to court entirely. In fact, negotiating a resolution over mediation enables both of your voices to be heard and taken into consideration when meeting in the middle, versus having a judge just make a final judgement based on what he or she feels is best. If you have never attended mediation before but are interested in doing so, we suggest meeting with an attorney first, so they can prepare you for what to expect. 

To prepare for mediation, we suggest gathering documents that help support the preferences you’ll be sharing with your former spouse during the negotiation. For example, it can help to have your work schedule printed out so the other parent can see for themselves why you prefer to have them to certain days of the week. By having tangible evidence in front of you, it can help convince the other parent because they will be able to see you aren’t motivated to just be difficult or inflexible. 

Support the Other Parent’s Relationship

As parents, you can support each other’s relationship by creating a co-parenting schedule and agreeing to be flexible for the benefit of your child or children. If you can arrive at a place of cooperation instead of conflict, it can benefit everyone involved. This means you may have to set aside any hard feelings as you uphold your co-parenting duties. Remember, this is about enabling both parents to have a strong relationship with the child, so he or she can grow up in the healthiest way possible.

However, there are exceptions to the concept of co-parenting cooperatively together. If you are concerned that the other parent is being abusive or neglectful to the child or children, then you must notify your attorney immediately. It doesn’t matter if you just solidified a parenting schedule and things were going great only days before, if you feel that your children at vulnerable to harm then you must act swiftly to ensure their safety. Your attorney can help you file the appropriate paperwork to the court to see that your children are protected. 

A divorce attorney in Tampa, FL is ready to take your call if you need support regarding divorce, co-parenting, mediation, or other elements of family legalities. Please contact a law firm today! 

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