Bangor ME Car Accident Lawyer

A Bangor ME car accident lawyer understands that when a person has suffered injuries in a crash, not only do they need time to recover from those injuries, but they may also be faced with financial difficulties because of their condition. Car accident injuries can result in high medical expenses, as well as loss of income because the injuries prohibit you from being able to work.

The Law Firm of David Bate has worked with many injured car crash victims and their families in obtaining the financial damages they were entitled to from the at-fault party or parties and can do the same for you.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

A Bangor ME car accident lawyer may represent you in negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company so you won’t have to speak to them. Many insurance adjusters are trained to manipulate conversations in a way that victims may say things they don’t actually mean. Compounding the issue is that these adjustors may also tell the victim they need to record their conversation. The result is that the insurance companies use the victim’s own words to get out of paying for the injuries. This is why you should always let your Bangor ME car accident lawyer deal with the insurance companies for you.

There are also times when a Bangor ME car accident lawyer can explain to their client why they feel it is best to move forward with litigating the claim in court instead of trying to continue to negotiate with the insurance company. Examples of when litigation may be better than negotiation include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A Bangor ME car accident lawyer can represent you in all types of motor vehicle accidents. In addition to car accidents, our firm also has represented many truck accident victims and we have extensive experience dealing with the complex issues that often arise in dealing with multiple at-fault parties in these complicated cases. Our firm also represents victims of motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, and pedestrian accidents.

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If you have been injured in a an accident caused by another party, consider contacting a car accident lawyer in Bangor ME to find out what legal recourse you may have against the other driver. Attorney David Bate has been representing Bangor residents for more than two decades and can work diligently in obtaining the best result possible for your particular case.

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