Bangor Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can be catastrophic and when you or a family has been involved in one you need to know that you can turn to a Bangor motorcycle accident Bangor motorcycle accident lawyerlawyer for honest legal advice.

Are You Feeling Helpless After an Accident?

David Bate understands the devastating repercussions of a motorcycle accident. Apart from the bodily harm, you might be facing tremendous medical costs and the inability to work. Anger, worry, and discouragement might be settling in and you might start to wonder “what now?”

You Are Not Alone

As a motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor trusts, David Bate is here for you and your family. With an open mind and an honest heart, David Bate can listen to what you have to say and let you know what options may be available to you. David Bate can bestow upon you the utmost compassion and support to help you get through this troubling time. Whatever he and his firm might be able to do to alleviate some of the stress, he can try his hardest to be there.

You Have Rights

Shortly after a motorcycle accident, you may be contacted by insurance adjustors. They might be friendly and even sympathetic, but they are not on your side. They might tell you things like:

These statements, although bold and intimidating, are just their clever strategies to get you to settle and they hold little to no weight. As a Bangor motorcycle accident lawyer with decades of experience, David Bate knows how these people work and are ready to fight tooth and nail against their antics.

Do Not Speak to Insurance Adjustors

It may be in your best interest to politely decline any invitation to make a statement. In fact, you don’t have to speak with any insurance company apart from your own. Even then what you say can be limited and to the point. If you are unsure about how to converse with your insurance company after an accident or are getting harassed by a third party insurance company, you can, and should, call a Bangor motorcycle accident lawyer for further advice.

David Bate Seeks Maximum Compensation

Considered to be a respected motorcycle accident lawyer in Bangor, David Bate can be ready to gather the necessary evidence to build a strong defense on your behalf. Drawing upon extensive professional resources, expert witnesses, and knowledge, David Bate can seek no less than what you and your family deserve. Compensation sought for injured victims and their family members may include:

Every claim is inherently unique. Due to the complex nature of most motorcycle accidents, the sooner you contact a Bangor motorcycle accident lawyer, the better the outcome of your claim may be.

Call a Zealous Lawyer Like David Bate to Defend You

If you are ready to get the compensation you deserve, David Bate is ready to talk to you in his office, at your home, a hospital, or another convenient location. To schedule a consultation with a Bangor motorcycle accident lawyer, please call (207) 945-3233.