Law Firm A will and a trust both pass your property onto your beneficiaries at your death. That is about where the similarities end. Time to create A will is less time consuming to create than a trust. Generally, there is less work that is required of a will. When creating a will, you name […]

Personal Injury Lawyer If you’re suffering from the unfathomable tragedy of having lost your child in a school bus accident, your family deserves justice. Many school bus accidents are completely avoidable. But for the carelessness or negligence of the driver, the bus company, or a third-party, your child might still be alive. In instances like […]

Car Accident Lawyer Determining fault in an auto accident can be complicated. Sometimes it’s straightforward and clear which party caused the crash. But in many other cases, both drivers may carry part of the blame. Or many drivers, if several vehicles were involved. Every day, drivers who are partially responsible for an accident seek counsel […]

Law Firm Biological fathers and mothers both have an equal set of rights when it comes to their children. Fathers who need legal assistance often turn to a child custody attorney for representation. An attorney can understand how emotional and frustrating a child custody case may be for both parents. As long as the state […]

As a car accident chiropractor in Cincinnati, we see hundreds of low back injuries a year. Many times, the low back pain is caused by something traumatic, like a car crash or work injury. If the low back pain develops into numbness, weakness or shooting pain in the legs, the patient will require more advanced […]

Criminal Defense Lawyer Having sexual contact with someone who does not consent to that sexual contact is sexual assault, and is a serious felony that can subject you to penalties such as prison time and placement on the sex offender registry. It is not unusual to hear statements in the press or on social media […]

Law Firm In today’s world, business or contract disputes arise in a variety of forms. Business disputes can range from unfair competition to violations of trade secrets. Contract disputes often involve breach of contract, rescission, reformation, and even subrogation, among others issues. But many businesses are unaware of the several alternatives to filing a lawsuit […]

Sometimes facing insurmountable debt leaves you no other choice than to file for bankruptcy. What happens during a bankruptcy if you are also the beneficiary named in a trust? The bankruptcy procedure gets a little more complicated but it is still possible to retain the trust benefits. A good bankruptcy attorney will need to look […]

Perhaps one of the most important elements to a personal injury case is ensuring that you file your claim within the appropriate timeframes based on where you live. The initial days and even months following your accident can feel like a whirlwind. However, taking the time to gather as much evidence in the early days […]

According to a study published by Harvard University, more than six out of every 10 personal bankruptcy claims filed in the U.S. are filed primarily due to medical expenses. This statistic clearly illustrates a sobering truth: Many, if not most, American families are only one major illness or injury away from significant financial instability. Certainly, […]