Injured persons in need of a car accident lawyer Bangor ME trusts can call me anytime – weekends, holidays, evenings —  for a free consultation.  In fact, I will give you my cell phone number, <b>207-478-1093</b>, so we can talk, no commitment, free of charge, whether it’s the day of the accident or a year later.  Your questions will be answered and that unnecessary stress and uncertainty of dealing with the insurance components of your claim can be lifted from your shoulders.  If I am busy, I will respond to a text message at my earliest opportunity.  If you cannot travel to my office, I will come to you.

Insurance companies are not your friends.  Insurance companies hire and train people to minimize their liability.  Their practices often undermine your valid injury claim.  They even deny responsibility, unfairly placing the fault on you.  An experienced car accident lawyer Bangor ME knows will stand between you and the insurance company, investigate and develop your case and obtain the compensation you deserve for your case.  Not only reimbursement for your medical bills, but the pain and suffering, lost income, and property damage compensation that is rightly yours.

In Maine, insurance companies can record your conversations with them without notifying you.  The claims adjusters are trained to sneak loaded questions into those recordings that can rob you of your claim.  It is always best to speak to a trained professional who is on your side and will protect your rights rather than the rights of corporate shareholders.  A car accident lawyer Bangor ME residents can rely on is in your corner and is sworn to look only to your interests.

If you already have had contact with the insurance company, the best advice is to stop immediately.

The prosecution of your claim starts with service of a notice of claim and the attorney’s investigation.  Sometime there is nothing to investigate other than obtaining the accident report online.  However, that report and my consult with you personally may indicate that photographs need to be taken of the scene and vehicles and witnesses may need to be interviewed before their memories fade.  For example, an officer’s accident report may be vague on a point but the skid marks from the collision may tell a more precise story.  That kind of evidence fades fairly quickly.  I would have an investigator on scene within hours to preserve that evidence.  A car accident lawyer Bangor ME respects earns his keep many times over by protecting your rights.

Most of these cases settle and never go to trial.  In uncounseled cases, settlement is diminished because injured parties who thought they could represent themselves have missed important details or crucial steps.  They find themselves at the mercy of the insurance company they could have been dominating through legal counsel.  For example, I have seen clients who thought the claims adjuster sounded like a nice woman or didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would treat them unfairly.  When I am hired at that point, the client has already realized that they have made a mistake and unnecessarily sacrificed substantial value on their claim.  I probably can get some of that value back, but the client would have been better off first calling the car accident lawyer Bangor ME calls first.


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