Car Accident Lawyer Maine

Car Accident Lawyer MaineAre You Always at Fault if You’ve Been in a Single Car Accident?

If you’ve had a single car accident, you are probably wondering if you even need to call a car accident lawyer Maine drivers rely on about your case. There were no other drivers involved, so it must be your fault, right? You may be surprised to find out that this isn’t always the case. In fact, any car accident lawyer in Maine may tell you that there are many scenarios in which you may not be solely at fault.

What is a Single Car Accident?

Just like it sounds, a single car accident is an accident in which your vehicle is the only vehicle involved in the wreck. They can occur in several scenarios, including swerving to avoid hitting an animal, or responding to actions by another driver. In most cases, you may be held solely at fault for the accident, but there are situations in which a car accident lawyer Maine residents turn to may be able to help you claim damages, or prove the accident wasn’t your fault.

Problems with the Road

Any car accident lawyer Maine trusts may ask you about the condition of the road you were driving on. Problems on the road or problems with road signs can cause people to have accidents. You may encounter a stoplight that isn’t working, or a large pothole that causes you to swerve and lose control of your car. Additionally, proper road signs may not be present or properly visible to warn you of specific road conditions such as sharp turns or steep hills.

Issues with the road or signs can be difficult in terms of liability, but your Maine car accident lawyer may be able to help build a liability case against the city or the county who maintains the roads. If you are in a single car accident, you should always take pictures of the scene — photos may especially help in cases such as these.

Other Negligent Party

There doesn’t always have to be another vehicle involved for another party to be at fault for your accident. Your car accident lawyer Maine drivers call for legal counsel may tell you that if another person or driver acts negligently and causes you to react and hit another object, they may be held liable for the accident.

For example, if another driver swerves into your lane and you quickly react to avoid them, you may end up hitting the guardrail on the side of the road. Your lawyer may be able to help you build a case so you that aren’t held completely at fault for the accident.

There are many factors in a single car accident, so if you experience one, don’t automatically assume you are solely at fault. It may be in your best interest to reach out to a car accident lawyer Maine residents trust by calling the David Bate Law Office today for a free consultation about your case.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a Crash?

What happens when a child is injured in a car accident? Is the personal injury claim handled differently than when the victim is an adult? At David Bate Law Office, our Maine car accident lawyer can answer all of your questions regarding car accident claims and lawsuits. We have been successfully advocating for injured victims since 1994 and are here to fight for you.

If your child has been injured, our Maine car accident lawyer can help with that, too. Tragically, national statistics show that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for children 12 years and younger. Children who do survive crashes are often left with severe or permanent disabilities. Parents need skilled legal guidance – the kind that we offer at David Bate Law Office – to obtain the best possible outcome for their family based on the circumstances of their case.

Most Frequent Car Crash Injuries for Children

Since children are smaller in size than adults, they are often more at risk for sustain serious injuries in any car accident, even a minor one. What’s even more dangerous is that symptoms of injuries for children are not always immediately apparent. One of the most common types of injuries children sustain in crashes is a brain injury, yet it can take hours – even days – for any symptoms of a brain injury begin to appear.

Children are also more at risk for injuries to the spine and the thoracic area. And they also are at high risk of fractures, lacerations, and soft tissue injuries.

If your are in a crash and you have children in the vehicle with you, it is imperative to call 911 and request emergency services, even if there are no visible injuries. If you suspect your child may have injuries to the head, spine, or neck, do not move your child and try to keep them still until EMTs arrive. Even if the EMTs clear your child from injuries, you should still contact their pediatrician for further evaluation.

Compensation for Your Child’s Injuries

If you child has been injured, then you will want to make sure they receive the financial compensation they deserve. However, these types of cases can be complex, and parents should not try to settle with the insurance company on their own. These cases really do require the legal expertise of a skilled car accident lawyer in order to ensure the child receives the best possible outcome available. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to minimize the value of a child’s injuries and there is also the possibility that the child may have ongoing, future medical issues as a result of their injuries that should also be included in any settlement or award they receive.

Your Options When Struck by an Uninsured Driver

No one likes to be involved in an accident. Luckily, insurance protects us from financial loss. However, do you know what to do if the driver who caused the accident does not have insurance? It can be an intimidating and daunting predicament. This guide will explain what your options are if you find yourself in this situation.

Your Options

If you are in an accident caused by someone else and the other driver does not have insurance, you have three primary options:

You are still entitled to compensation when someone else causes you financial loss, regardless of whether that person has insurance. The legal method for you to receive the compensation you are owed is to file a lawsuit. This is incredibly common, and you should not view filing a lawsuit as petty or mean-spirited. You are simply trying to get what is rightfully yours. If you file a lawsuit, you will present the evidence before a court, which will decide whether the other party is indeed responsible.

You can also come to an agreement with the other driver. If you make a settlement offer, you might be able to recover much or all of your losses without resorting to legal recourse. It is common to accept slightly less than what you loss in exchange for avoiding the hassle of filing a lawsuit.

Although it is too late to take advantage of uninsured driver insurance once the accident happens, this is a great option that protects you from exactly this situation. If you have this type of coverage, your insurance provider will compensation you directly. If you are worried about being struck by an uninsured driver, then you should consider upgrading your policy to include uninsured driver insurance.

What To Do

Regardless of what option you choose to pursue, there are a few things you should do after the accident. Always take notes and pictures of both your and the other car. Speak with any potential witnesses and get their information. You should also call the police to have an accident report filed.

Most importantly, make sure you get the contact information of the other driver. It is a crime for anyone to leave the scene of an accident without sharing contact information. If the other driver refuses, get their license plate number, and make, model, and color of their car. You should speak with an car accident lawyer Maine as soon as you can.

When a Defective Part Causes an Accident

Almost all car accidents are caused by a driver. However, sometimes it is not driver error that causes an accident, but a defective part instead. If this happens to you, you probably do not know what your options are. Can you hold the manufacturer responsible and receive compensation for the accident? If the circumstances of your accident are right, you really might be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the part that caused your crash. However, there is a lot to unpack with this issue. This guide will explain everything you need to know.

Defective Part Accidents

First things first, the crash really does need to be caused by a defective part. Just because a part failed and caused an accident, that does not necessarily indicate that the part was defective. Vehicles require regular maintenance and any part failure that results from not maintaining the vehicle properly is the driver’s own fault. For you to have a case, there must have been something wrong with the way the part was manufactured that caused it to fail. Additionally, it must be possible to prove that this is the case.

The defective part that most commonly causes an accident is the airbag. If the airbag deploys suddenly, it can cause an accident. Alternatively, if the airbag fails to deploy, it can cause injuries in an unrelated accident. Seat belts breaking or unlatching during an accident may also be cause for filing a lawsuit. Failure in the brakes, tires, and power steering also create many defective part cases.

Steps You Should Take

Now that you know a little more about how these kinds of cases work, if you still think a defective part caused your accident, here are the steps you should take to pursue legal action:

The most important thing in these kinds of cases is following the instructions of your attorney. That is why it is so vital to hire an attorney early.

If you would like to meet with an experienced car accident lawyer Maine clients recommend who will work diligently to protect the rights of your child, contact David Bate Law Office today to set up a free case evaluation and find out what the best legal recourse for your child’s situation is.