Car Accident Lawyers Bangor, ME

Car Accident Lawyers Bangor, ME

Suing After a Car Accident Settlement: Is It Possible?

When you are involved in a bad car wreck, it is natural to want to settle the personal injury claim as quickly as possible. However, fast settlements are not always in your best interest. Accidents are considered compounding problems because they rarely reveal all the damage immediately. Sure, your car will show apparent damage right away, and it can usually be assessed quickly, but the same cannot be said of you and your body. Some injuries take weeks or months to manifest, which means settling your case within a few days because an insurance adjuster makes, what appears to be a fair deal, is a mistake. However, is it possible to undo that deal? Can you still sue the insurer for damages? As the car accident lawyers Bangor, ME trust, from David Bate Law Office, might explain to you, it depends.

Liability Waivers

The first thing a car accident lawyer Bangor, ME respects might ask you is something like “When you agreed to the settlement, did you sign a liability waiver?” If you did, then your hands may be tied because these waivers protect the insurer from future litigation based on the same claim. Therefore, if you signed a liability waiver, you likely can’t sue the same insurer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sue any insurer.

Multiple Parties

If you were involved in a multiple party accident, and you only settled with one insurance company, you may be able to make a claim against the others. However, for this to work, there must be multiple drivers who were at fault for the accident.

Bad Faith Agreement

Another way out of a previous settlement is if the insurer acted in bad faith. If an insurer approached you in a way that might be construed as unethical or fraudulent, then the waiver and agreement you signed would possibly be null and void. Did the insurer get you to sign documents when you were in recovery and possibly on medications? Did they lie to influence your decision? Talk to car accident lawyers Bangor, ME has to offer if you feel that you were a victim of the insurance company, they might be able to nullify the agreement, allowing you to sue.

Careful What You Accept

The lesson in all of this is to be cautious in the agreements you accept. Know that insurers are for-profit institutions, and they rarely are on your side when it comes to settlements. Always contact car accident lawyers in  Bangor, ME after an accident, and never speak to adjusters alone.

The aftermath of a car crash is often rough, and it can leave you feeling desperate for some financial relief. However, settling too quickly can tie your hands in the event an injury manifest later on. Talk to experienced car accident lawyers Bangor, ME community members recommend about your wreck, and discuss your options for moving forward.