Bankruptcy Filing: What Documents to Include Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision. In many cases, however, it is the best possible decision. When you feel as though you are drowning in debt or if you are unsure if you will ever be able to pay it off, then you may want to consider bankruptcy. […]

Personal Injury Lawyer For many of us, taking care of older loved ones and family members is a part of life. Unfortunately, busy schedules often prevent us from providing the amount of attention they need, while their medical condition may make being in a nursing home or long-term care facility more practical. In these situations, […]

Truck Accident Claim If you were in an accident with a truck, you may be up against an entire trucking company and the federal regulations that govern it. Most truck accidents result in serious injuries, hence the reason most victims need to file a claim against the company. In order to provide a strong foundation […]

Criminal Convictions Even after you’ve completed your jail sentence or probation, an assault conviction can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Because many employers conduct background checks on prospective job candidates these days, a conviction makes it more challenging to land the position you want. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are a […]

Catastrophic Injury Suppose you are sitting on your apartment patio one day, two stories above the ground, and suddenly the ground falls beneath you. Better yet, imagine holding onto a rail while walking down a flight of stairs and the rail falls. Even more simply, picture yourself running errands on your day off, and a […]

Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits If you are unable to work due to a disability, you may turn to social security disability benefits as a source of income to help you make ends meet. It may not come as a surprise that the process can be complicated. While it may […]

If You Believe Your Child’s Other Parent May Be Abusing or Neglecting Your Child Parental child abuse and neglect are serious matters. They generally concern both family-related and criminal areas of law. As a result, it can be difficult to know exactly how to proceed if you suspect that your child’s other parent may be […]

Were you involved in an accident in which you received a personal injury? When these things happen, it’s often your best move to get a lawyer involved so you can file the appropriate forms, pay the correct fees and get it all done on time to receive compensation. The following are just a few basics […]

Personal Injury Cases and Insurance You’ve got a lot on your plate every day. Life can bring a great deal of stress, including financial worries and matters with your health. If you suffer an injury because of an accident or other incident, you’ll have to contend with physical, emotional and financial challenges. Fortunately, you don’t […]

Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents can be mentally and physically draining, especially if a person endured a complex injury as a result of the wreck. There are what seems like a limitless number of ways that the human body can get hurt when in a car accident. One of the most common ways that people […]