Criminal Defense Law FAQ

Criminal Defense Lawyers Bangor ME

If you’re facing criminal charges, you may need criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME residents trust to defend you, such as David Bate. As a lawyer for over 20 years, David Bate understands that you may have questions regarding criminal law and your case. Please call our office at 207-945-3233 to set up a free consultation to get the answers you need.

You may also find the following information helpful in answering some of your questions:

Will your case go to trial?

Criminal charges often require a court appearance at some point, either with a judge or in front of a jury. Criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME relies on may be able to work to have your case dismissed before going to trial.

Do you need an attorney if you’re pleading guilty?

Criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME can provide may advise you to hire an attorney no matter what the circumstances of your case may be. Criminal defense lawyers in Bangor ME have experience dealing with criminal cases and understand your rights, so they may be able to help protect them and see that you get a fair trial under the law.

Keep in mind that the prosecution may be very aggressive and seek the most extreme penalty available to them in a criminal case. Bangor criminal defense lawyers may be able to help eliminate your criminal charges or reduce the penalty you face.

What is a dismissal? What is an expungement? Are they the same thing?

This is a really good question and one that’s important to understand. A dismissal is when your case is dropped by the prosecutor. It usually happens when it’s determined that the evidence against you isn’t enough or that your case isn’t worth the trouble of a criminal trial. You may even be able to obtain a dismissal through community service or other acts. Criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME residents turn to may be able to help make this happen.

An expungement is the erasing of your criminal case. This means you can fill out job applications or other important paperwork and say that you’ve never been convicted of a criminal charge. If you’ve been convicted in the past, you may want to work with Bangor criminal defense lawyers to help erase your record.

The above information is just some of the most frequently asked questions we get at David Bate. To get more personalized answers for your case, call the criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME offers at David Bate at 207-945-3233 today.