Criminal Defense Lawyer Bangor ME

GavelIf you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call the criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME has turned to for over 20 years. Call my office or, if it is a weekend, holiday, or after hours, call my cell, 207-478-1093. If I cannot answer immediately, text me and I will return the call as soon as possible.

I have represented thousands of criminal defendants charged with felonies and misdemeanors in both state and federal court, from murder on down to speeding. No matter who the client and no matter what the charge, a person suspected of a crime deserves the very best representation to best protect his or her rights.

This protection must start immediately. Waiting until after you are contacted by the police, or delaying to the point where my investigation would be pointless, just gives the police and the prosecutor an extra leg up in their race to conviction. Call me, the criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME trusts.

Quite often, clients will tell me that they had my phone number but did not call even though they knew the police were coming to talk to them. They thought they would do fine by themselves, but they always regret that false hope.  The police are effectively trained in getting the information from you that they need for a conviction, often in cases where there would be no prosecution without the suspect’s statement. The police can mislead you and even lie to get their most valuable evidence: what you tell them.

You cannot be objective when your liberty interest is at stake.  It does not make sense to counsel yourself when the risks are so high.

Just as you should not talk to the police, you should not talk about what happened to anyone other than trusted criminal defense counsel. Are you thinking about confiding in your girlfriend or your friend? You might as well be whispering in the prosecutor’s ear. We all understand the overwhelming compulsion to “tell our story,” but not as a criminal suspect. The very first rule of criminal defense strategy is to stop the flow of incriminating information. What you tell me is confidential.  Come talk with me, a criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME consistently turns to for security and protection in such uncertain times.

Do not delay in hiring a lawyer. Criminal charges can change your life forever.  On your own, you just cannot properly assess let alone begin to investigate your case. If the police have contacted you, they will insinuate and sometimes out right promise that you do not need a lawyer and that you are not going to be arrested if you talk to them. They probably mean, not arrested “that day.”  If you talk to the police, you are just putting off the inevitable. A conviction does not have to be inevitable. Learn about the 7 Common Criminal Defense Strategies.

If you believe you have an active arrest warrant here in Maine, you need to act on it before it acts on you. Usually, neither the courts nor the police will tell you if there is an outstanding warrant. Sometimes lawyers can find out for you, make arrangements with the clerk’s office, and have you in front of a bail judge, avoiding arrest and a night or two in jail. Obviously, if you appear voluntarily on an arrest warrant, a bail judge is much more likely to be lenient regarding your release.  Call the criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME relies on to do everything possible to keep you out of orange and out on the street.