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Bangor, Maine criminal defense lawyer aggressively representing clients against felony and misdemeanor charges in State and Federal courts throughout Maine.  Always available by cell: (207) 478-1093.

There are Two Basic Rules for Criminal Defendants:

1. Do not talk to the police or anyone else about your case.  Despite your actual innocence, if you are a suspect in a crime, understand this:  The odds of talking yourself out of a criminal charge are extremely low.  The likelihood of unintentionally making your case worse and, by so doing, talking yourself into a conviction are very good.  Regardless of the truth, almost anything you say can be misunderstood or misremembered.  Most dangerously, your statements, although true, may unintentionally prove part of the case against you.  I understand the need to tell your side of the story.  Your conversations with a lawyer are confidential.

2. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

The reason is simple: objectivity and expertise.

You literally are blinded by your personal involvement.  You need a lawyer with objectivity, knowledge of the criminal justice system and close familiarity with local prosecutions.

Only a lawyer can protect your rights.

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People react in many ways, from outrage to terror, when they discover they have been charged with a crime. It pays to secure legal counsel quickly for the invaluable assistance a trained, objective, and experienced defense lawyer can provide.

Warning: Phone conversations with non-lawyers from jail or prison are not confidential.  Consistent with U.S. v. Conley and Maine law, an inmate’s calls are recorded with remarkable clarity and are admissible against all parties to the phone conversation.

You have a 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination, which means that the State cannot force you to say anything. Unbelievably, despite your innocence, even the truth can be used by the District Attorney in an attempt to prove your guilt. It pays to remain silent until you can speak with a lawyer.

Remember, do not discuss your circumstances with anyone until you have consulted with a lawyer.  It’s literally the best advice a criminal defendant can get.

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Attempted Murder charge dismissed for 12 days (time-served) on probation violation for smoking marijuana:  State overcharged client for allegedly waiving pellet gun outside passenger side car window.  State offered a misdemeanor but eventually agreed that no crime had been alleged.

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Extensive federal sentencing hearing in drug manslaughter case. Client prevailed on the death resulting issue, received 5 years instead of 20. Read More

Attempted Murder charges dismissed by Court. Despite two State mental health experts finding client to be competent, defense experts prevailed, highlighting the distinction between factual and rational understanding in criminal competency determinations. Read More

State requested 12 years but client received only half given testimony by defense expert presented at sentencing hearing. Read More

Jury acquittal of woman whose trusted family friend framed her to avoid jail time. Read More

Client awaiting sentencing permitted to withdraw guilty plea after more than a year.

Client was facing 20 years on potential consecutive sentences. Extensive sentencing research brought plea offer of 3 1/2 years to serve with probation. Read More

Client facing potential felony and prison receives misdemeanor fines following alcohol-related death at client’s residence. Read More

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