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When it comes to finding the right criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME residents should take time to evaluate their options before choosing a legal firm to represent them. This is important because if you make the wrong decision, you may find that he or she is not capable of effectively defending you against a criminal defense charge. As a result, you might have to find a new lawyer. This not only potentially costs more money, it also results in lost time that could be better spent building a strong defense case. Bangor criminal defense lawyers like David Bate have the necessary experience, knowledge, and determination that you or a family member might need. 

Why You Should Consider Criminal Defense Lawyers Bangor ME Offers

No one wants to be charged with a crime– this is regardless of whether or not they are guilty. Once you have been arrested and charged, the legal process that follows might be upsetting, confusing, and difficult to navigate. Your emotions might run high and you may feel a sense of helplessness. Your future may suddenly feel uncertain. You have the right to hire criminal defense lawyers in Bangor ME rather than accept a public defender.

Criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME community members recommend such as David Bate can likely have more resources and time to dedicate to your case than a public defender. This makes it more likely that your criminal charges may be reduced or dropped. In addition, when you retain criminal defense lawyers locals choose, you can feel confident in knowing your case can be in good hands.

When building a defense case, David Bate may question witnesses, investigate the circumstances of your charges, and review the evidence. During that time, he may have discussions with the prosecutor in an effort to have your charges reduced or dropped.

The Benefits of Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

By hiring the right criminal defense lawyers, you can further understand the prospects of legal bargaining and out of court settlements. The following are tips and advice you should know about when deciding on whether or not to contact a private criminal defense lawyer in Bangor:

David Bate is the caliber of lawyer you want on your side. When it comes to criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME citizens call him first.

David Bate Answers the Most Common Criminal Law Questions

What You Should Know About Aiding and Abetting

Aiding and abetting a crime occurs when an individual helps another individual who committed a crime, and it’s just one of the reasons that individuals seek out criminal defense attorneys Maine is proud to have in the community. It’s important that everyone knows what aiding and abetting is and how it may be punished under the law.

What is Aiding?

Respected criminal defense lawyers may tell you that aiding varies by state. Generally, for a person to be convicted of aiding a crime, the state has to show that the defendant knew about the crime before or after the crime was committed. The state may also need to prove that the defendant assisted with the crime through action, advice, or financial support.

How Can an Aiding Crime Be Defended?

Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Bangor ME may help you determine if you can use one of the following defenses if you are charged with aiding.

What Happens if You’re Found Guilty of Aiding?

Aiding is considered a felony in many jurisdictions. Your criminal defense attorney can provide may help you determine what sentence you could face if you’re found guilty. Often it depends on the nature of the crime.

Any criminal defense attorney may be able to tell you that the penalties range from probation to years of incarceration, in addition to not being able to associate with the person you helped. No matter what the punishment is, remember that aiding may be considered a felony charge and a conviction can really harm your life.

If you willingly or unwillingly aided someone in committing a crime, you may want to reach out to a lawyer for counsel. With a skilled lawyer, you may have a chance at being found not guilty or receiving a reduced sentence. Remember that you don’t have to face this alone.The David Bate Law Office has criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME trusts, and they may be able to help you if you call.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bangor ME for Drug Possession Charges

There is no small charge for drug possession. Depending on what you are charged for, you may be facing a misdemeanor or a felony. In some cases, it could even be much more serious. When you are charged with drug possession, you want to give yourself every opportunity to build a good defense and this starts with getting help from the Banger ME criminal defense lawyers at the David Bate Law Office

There will be many factors that go into deciding what kind of charges you have, including what type of drug you possessed, how much you possessed, and what the circumstances of the crime are. If you want to know what might lead to a felony charge when it comes to possessing drugs, our criminal defense lawyers can help you. To speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers about your drug possession charges, please call us now. 

The Different Factors That Go Into Drug Possession Charges

It is important that you know the details of your case and understand why you may be charged a certain way. Below, you will find out more information on what might cause you to receive felony charges instead of misdemeanor charges. 

      1. You were in possession of drugs on or near school property
      2. You are a repeat offender with priors
      3. You possessed drugs in the presence of a minor

The factors listed above are just some of the ways that your drug possession charges can escalate to felony charges. It is important that you speak to one of the criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME clients recommend from the David Bate Law Office as soon as you are charged so that you can discuss the details of your case and look at possible defense. Call now to speak with a trusted criminal defense attorney.


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