Persons charged with crimes in eastern Maine need a criminal lawyer Bangor ME knows and trusts.  I have represented thousands of criminal defendants in State and federal courts on charges ranging from drug possession to murder.  I can be reached at my office number or on my cell (207-478-1093) after hours or on holidays and weekends.  If I am not available, I will promptly return a text message.

Regardless of whether you call, however, there are key points you must remember when you are suspected, questioned or charged with a crime.

Don’t talk about your case

You should not talk to anyone about your case other than a lawyer.  Even if you are actually innocent, the police will have a different perspective and your statements are likely to make a charge and conviction more likely.  You probably are talking yourself into more time on the resulting sentence as well.  Even the truth can be misunderstood or misinterpreted and used to prove a false charge against you.  Your conversations with me will be confidential.  You need a criminal lawyer Bangor ME consults with confidence.

I understand your need to tell your side of the story.  It’s important.  Just don’t give a prosecutor more weight for his case.  Call me.

Hire a lawyer immediately

Being charged with a crime is a horrifying, life-altering experience.  Your mind and judgment are profoundly clouded by the complexity and stress.  You cannot make good decisions without the assistance of a trained, objective and experienced criminal defense lawyer.  In fact, I have seen countless unchargeable investigations morph immediately into “lock” prosecutions based on the conduct of the uncounseled suspect.  Defense of criminal charges is not a precise science, but a criminal lawyer Bangor ME routinely turns to shields you from the police and prevents you from making your case worse.  Oftentimes, a quick investigation by my office can turn the tables on the prosecution and minimize or eliminate the charges or sentence.  Give me a call.

Persons with outstanding arrest warrants

I have had dozens of clients who tried to live their lives while the shadow of an arrest warrant hung over their heads — big mistake, not only because of the uncertainty but the cost as well.

First, you never know when that warrant will show up.  It could be right before a holiday or family event.  I can promise that it will not be convenient and your “loose ends” (family, property, apartment, pets) will suffer.

Second, it is a dead certainty that someday you will be standing in front of a bail judge.  You would much rather have your counsel tell the judge that you surrendered on the arrest warrant because the judge likely will conclude that you are not a flight risk, making low bail much more likely.

Turning yourself in is tough medicine to swallow, but not half as bad as what would otherwise follow.  There are court schedules and criminal procedure that complicate matters.  Call an experienced criminal lawyer Bangor ME relies upon to guide you through the arrest warrant maze.