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Many criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME citizens trust know that state laws can be complicated when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI). Bangor criminal defense lawyers may have had clients who were arrested for driving under the influence and were just visiting the state of Maine, or clients who were residents of Maine, but were arrested for drunk driving while they were traveling in another state.

Although you may think that being charged with DUI in another state will not affect your driver’s license status in your home state, it is important to know that in some of the states, that assumption is incorrect. While it’s often recommended that you speak with some criminal defense lawyers in Bangor ME about the specifics of your own situation, here’s a brief look at common interstate driving laws.

Interstate Driver License Compact

As criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME clients rely on may explain, there are 45 states in the U.S. – including Maine – that are part of the Interstate Driver License Compact. The five states that are not part of the compact are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, or Wisconsin.

States that are part of the Interstate Driver License Compact agree to share information regarding arrests made for driving under the influence with other states. They also agree to honor and abide by any license suspension a state imposes on a person who has been convicted of drunk driving. For example, if a citizen of Maine is convicted of DUI in New Hampshire, and if the New Hampshire court suspends that citizen’s driving privileges for two years, Maine will also suspend that person’s driving privileges for two years.

However, in this scenario, the New Hampshire court is only allowed to revoke the person’s right to drive in New Hampshire. The court will notify the state of Maine of its decision and it is the state of Maine that actually suspends the person’s Maine driver’s license.

Criminal defense lawyers Bangor ME residents depend on also know the same holds true for someone who is visiting the state of Maine and is convicted of drunk driving charges. The Maine court would suspend the person’s right to drive in Maine and would then notify the person’s home state.

Although there are five states (mentioned above) that are not part of the Interstate Driver License Compact, a person convicted of drunk driving in any of the 50 states is automatically entered onto the National Driver Registry. This registry also keeps track of other serious traffic violation. It is this registry that many law enforcement agencies throughout the country utilize when they are checking the driving record of an out-of-state driver they have stopped.

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