How do you know if you need a lawyer?

Accident victims understandably are very distressed in the early post-accident period. Even where injuries are not clearly catastrophic, victims find themselves confused and overwhelmed by circumstances with which they are not familiar.

That stress and confusion is why consultation with an attorney is advisable. A simple phone call can provide quick answers and resolve much of the stress and confusion. If you do not need a lawyer, I will be the first to tell you.

You will have a particular need for an attorney’s services if:

If in doubt as to whether you need a lawyer, call 945-3233 for a phone consultation at no charge.

How can an attorney help?

I have recovered over $12 Million for injured clients. Although recovery in an individual case depends on a number of factors, I will identify those factors and present them in a manner best suited to maximize your recovery.

I offer:

I will meet clients at their homes or other locations in circumstances where travel is difficult.

You and I will form a partnership of sorts: I will finance your litigation and share with you the risks of gain or loss.