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Police Searches and Your Rights

If you even think you might need a drug crime lawyer Bangor ME trusts, contact us immediately at the David Bate Law Office. David Bate has successfully represented many clients who were charged with drug crimes.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, it’s important to speak to a Bangor ME drug crime lawyer without delay. The police are not your friends and will not hesitate to use anything you say against you in the courtroom. David Bate can begin protecting your rights immediately.

Protect Your Rights

If a law enforcement agency searched your person or property prior to arresting you, David Bate may determine if their search was legal. If it was not, it’s possible that your charge may be dismissed. Only a qualified drug crime lawyer Bangor ME clients rely on, such as David Bate, can offer legal advice. The following general guidelines are only for informational purposes. Call our office today to find out more.

Probable Cause

A police officer must have a legal and valid reason to search your person, car, or home for drugs. If they ask permission to perform a search and they do not have a warrant for that search, do not consent to the search. Even if you have nothing to hide, do not consent. Do this in a calm manner and without raising your voice or using threatening body language. The law is on your side in this situation so do not give them a lawful reason to skip the need for a search warrant. Immediately afterward, call a drug crime lawyer in Bangor ME.

Search Warrant Procedure

As almost any drug crime lawyer Bangor ME has will tell you, in most cases, it’s not that easy to get a search warrant. The law enforcement agency must request it from a judge. The challenge for them is that they must present a solid argument to the judge about how and why they believe there is a high likelihood of finding evidence of illegal activity or substances on your person or property. In addition, the search warrant must be very specific about where the law enforcement personnel can search. For instance, if you have two homes, the search warrant must specify the address of one or both homes. If the address is not on the warrant, a search at a different location will probably not be lawful. Even if they find evidence at a property not listed on the warrant, it may not be admissible in court.

If a search was performed illegally, any evidence they found on your person or property becomes “tainted” and can severely damage their case against you. An experienced drug crime lawyer Bangor ME residents hire such as David Bate, may be able to argue that they should drop your charges as a result.

David Bate Will Fight Hard to Protect Your Rights

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