Drug Lawyers Bangor ME

Drug Lawyers Bangor ME

Following an arrest and charge of any crime, including drug crimes, it is your right to obtain a criminal and drug lawyer Bangor, ME resident’s recommend. By doing so you may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped. Any criminal charge can result in a permanent criminal record, incarceration, fines, probation, and the inability to travel, work and live where you would like. These are nothing to ignore – no matter how petty you might think the charge might be. If you care about your life and the outcome of the charges against you, the smartest decision you can make is to call a drug lawyer in Bangor, ME.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with a Bangor, ME drug lawyer who can listen to what you have to say and advise you on what to do next, please give David Bate Law Office a call as soon as possible.

Know Your Rights

After you have been arrested and placed in the custody of police, you should be read your Fifth Amendment right. This right is also known as the “right to remain silent”. At this time you should also be read you Sixth Amendment right which includes your right to a drug lawyer Bangor, ME provides. Together, these rights are called your Miranda Rights. By law, after you have been arrested and charged, the law enforcement officer must read you these rights as follows:

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

From here on, out, you have the right to remain silent, to speak with the police, talk with a public defender appointed by the court, or choose your own private drug lawyer Bangor, ME respects. Unlike what you might have seen on TV or read online, a court-appointed lawyer is not always free. If you request this person to represent you, it must be approved by a judge. You will need to show proof of financial turmoil. A judge might order you to pay a portion of the costs of the public defender rather than none at all. In general, if you can cover the costs of bail or bond, a judge will assume you can also pay for a private criminal defense lawyer.

There are many benefits to retaining a private drug lawyer Bangor, ME men and women can count on; such as:

Whether you anticipate that you will be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, or you have already been charged with a crime, we, at David Bate Law Office can help you to protect your rights. To ensure you are not penalized in a way that you do not deserve. Call David Bate Law Office to speak with a drug lawyer Bangor, ME provides now.

Meet David Bate Law Office

I am a tested and experienced drug lawyer Bangor ME trusts. Call me at my office anytime or, if I am not available, try my cell, 207–478-1093, evenings, holidays and weekends.  If I do not pick up, I will return your text as soon as I can.

I have defended hundreds of persons charged with drug crimes in federal and state court.  Their charges range from simple possession to a federal drug conspiracy with gun charges. No matter what the charge, a few simple rules apply.

First, drug cases are about type, weight, and role in the offense.  Politely but firmly refuse all police requests to search you, your car, your home, your pocketbook, luggage or anything else.  You cannot physically prevent the police from searching, but you should not consent to a search. If the police say it will just take time to get a warrant, insist on the warrant and take that time to call the drug lawyer Bangor ME calls on warrants.

Second, you have a constitutional right to counsel for a reason. No one, no matter how serious the crime or how likely the conviction, should face the immense resources and strength of the government’s prosecution without trained, experienced, and knowledgeable legal counsel. You need an experienced lawyer to stand between you and your accuser. The sooner you hire counsel, the greater your protection and the greater your chances are of minimizing or avoiding criminal liability.  Quick retention of counsel also allows your lawyer to investigate your defense in a timely manner. I will be working against the police who are working against you. Call the drug lawyer Bangor ME has known for over twenty years.

Third, you have a right to silence because the framers of the Constitution knew that even the truth can be twisted to make an innocent person look guilty. If you are reading this, you or someone close to you is a suspect in a crime.  Once an investigation has reached that stage, the police and prosecutors interpret everything through the lens of their suspicion. Before you do anything, call the drug lawyer Bangor ME calls. But do not delay in calling while potential co-defendants lawyer up and then line up to incriminate you.

If you make statements to the police or even your friends, every possible incriminating interpretation of your words will be seized upon by the state to make you look guilty. This goes by several names such as “rush to judgment” and “cop lock.” But by remaining silent, by saying nothing, there is that much less to use against you. An essential part of any criminal defense is limiting the evidence against the defendant. By remaining silent, you frustrate your accusers and significantly increase your chances of avoiding conviction.  Contact me, a top drug lawyer Bangor ME knows and trusts.

Just as I am specially trained to protect your rights, police officers and detectives are specially trained to get you to talk to them. Be polite. Be respectful. But be silent. I will absolutely guarantee you that is the best legal advice you will ever get.

Contacting legal counsel may eventually result in communications with the police.  However, because a suspect is so personally involved, not trained in the law, and not experienced with criminal investigations and prosecutions, it is obviously best to have a lawyer decide whether those communications with police are in a suspect’s best interest.

If you have been contacted by federal agents, the defense strategy changes, requiring a lawyer with extensive federal criminal defense experience. Dealing with the specific federal prosecutors, the federal bail code, pretrial services, and sentencing guidelines add a layer of complexity not present in state prosecutions.

If you are out of state and charged with a crime in Maine, it is often possible to avoid extradition and multiple, unnecessary appearances in Maine courts.  However, the key is quick and timely retention of counsel. The extradition process is inhumane and borderline barbaric. You are handcuffed to a seat in a bus alongside an assorted collection of criminals. You are bused toward Maine on the schedule and route most convenient for your transporters. You are not able to stop to use the facilities. I know of one gentleman extradited from North Carolina to Maine via Oklahoma.  Don’t delay in calling the drug lawyer Bangor ME calls because once that extradition process starts, you are on the bus for the duration.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, my best advice generally is to face the warrant before it faces you. It is extremely rare for the clerk’s office to misplace a judge’s authorization for an arrest warrant, so if it was ordered, it is out there waiting.  You would much rather be standing in front of a bail judge having voluntarily surrendered yourself than to be dragged into court in chains begging to be set free. Talk to me, however, because there are Court schedules and other procedures that need to be properly timed. Otherwise, you could show up at court, ask for a hearing on the arrest warrant that it is not until the following week, and then be arrested on the warrant and a week worth of jail.  Call the drug lawyer Bangor ME relies on to sort out these out-of-state issues.

Drug possession charges should never be taken lightly, as such a conviction can be enough to turn a person’s life completely upside down. If proven guilty, this person may have trouble obtaining employment, being approved for loans, pursuing continued education, a damper to reputation, and more. It is in the best interest of anyone arrested for a drug possession charge, to seek help from a drug lawyer in Bangor, Maine who is knowledgeable in criminal defense.

FAQ About Drug Crimes in Bangor, ME

Q: What are the factors that can contribute to the severity of the punishment?

A: Two major factors that can determine the severity of the consequences, is the type of drug and quantity that was confiscated from possession. Court judges may heavily punish those who are found with higher amounts of illicit drugs because it is often seen as this individual had the intent to sell too. The potential consequences inflicted by the court could be prison time, steep fines, and a permanent mark on the person’s criminal record.

Q: Is it absolutely necessary that I hire a Bangor ME drug lawyer for my arrest?

A: Those who are arrested for drug possession, should not shrug it off as unimportant. Approaching the charge with indifference is what could cause someone to suffer certain punishments that they would not have if proper legal representation were sought. A Bangor ME drug lawyer can offer guidance, legal insight, and even fight for a minimized charge. In some cases, a drug lawyer may recommend that the accused enrolls in a rehabilitation program instead of serving jail time.

Q: What does it mean if someone is found “in possession”?

A: Possession could refer to various circumstances, and does not always mean the drug was literally found on the person such as in a purse or pocket. Possession can include situations where the controlled substance was found in the home, vehicle, or office. When the drug was confiscated from the person’s house, car, or place of work, this can complicate the matter because there is always a small chance that the drugs belong to someone else. Depending on the details of the arrest, a drug lawyer in Bangor ME may suggest using certain defense strategies to avoid harsh punishments.

Q: What if I have a clean criminal record?

A: It can help your case if you have been a law-abiding citizen thus far, participate in giving back to the community, and have shown to want to improve yourself as a person. If it applies to you, your drug lawyer is likely to inform the judge about your successes in life thus far and advocate for your behalf to be given a second chance. Emphasizing quality of character can be a useful tool in your defense strategy, especially for a first-time drug possession charge.

Q: If I am arrested, does this mean I am automatically guilty?

A: As scary as an arrest can be, the accused can rest reasonably assured for now that he or she still has a chance to defend themselves. The saying that a person is innocent until proven guilty is true. However, it is imperative to the outcome of your case that you hire drug lawyer in Bangor ME who has represented clients in similar circumstances.