Drunk Driving Lawyer In Bangor Maine

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, it might be time to retain a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME has to offer. An experienced lawyer may be able to guide you through the staggering financial, legal, and family repercussions of driving under the influence.

For decades David Bate has defended drunk drivers. With a dedicated, focused, and experienced Bangor drunk driving lawyer like David Bate on your side, could make a sizeable difference in the results of your case. The sooner you call for a consultation, the better we can determine what legal options you have available.

Consequences of a DUI

The consequences of a DUI can be devastating. Like a domino effect, one charge could cause repercussions at home, work, and school. Not only might you risk incurring significant financial penalties, the loss of a driver’s license, a hike in insurance, jail or prison time, probation, or a criminal record are some of the possibilities that you may face.

Although you have the right to state-funded legal counsel, this option is not always ideal. If you can afford to hire a private drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME has to offer, you should do so. In fact by making this decision you could actually save thousands of dollars in extended penalties that may have been dropped or reduced with the help of a lawyer.

What a Drunk Driving Lawyer Bangor ME Might Do for You

A drunk driving lawyer in Bangor ME can act as your legal confident. David Bate can help you fight your charges and possibly get them reduced or dropped altogether. With intimate knowledge of the technical aspects of drunk driving testing and courtroom experience of all kinds, a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME provides such as David Bate can be there for you when you need it most. Some things David Bate might be able to do for you include:

Call a Drunk Driving Lawyer Bangor ME Turns To

Consuming even a small amount of alcohol can put you at a heightened risk for a DUI or other driving charges. These are serious and a conviction can impact your life for years to come. If you would like to know your legal options, you should consider calling a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME trusts at (207) 945-3233.