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DRUNK DRIVING LAWYER BANGOR MAINEWhen you have been arrested or charged with a DUI crime, you should call a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME has to offer as soon as possible. DUI charges can be harsh and include large fines, jail or imprisonment, loss of a driver’s license, probation, random drug testing, and more. Such charges can infringe upon your job, relationships, and overall life — which is why you should take them seriously and find out what a Bangor drunk driving lawyer has to say. David Bate is a skilled lawyer who is ready to answer your personal questions and provide you with the legal options available. For a free consultation, please call (207) 945-3233.

Hiring a Private Drunk Driving Lawyer Over a Public Defender

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you should know that it is your right to contact a drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine has to offer as soon as possible, and you should. The question that may come to mind is whether you should retain a private DUI lawyer or one that is provided to you by the state. Realistically, a private drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine respects is the preferred choice, but to help you understand why, please consider the following.

Not Every Person Will Be Eligible for a Public Defender

Even though you might have read or heard that everyone has the right to a public defender, this is only part true. Actually, you have to qualify for this. So, if you opt to have a public defender, you will need to state this to the court. A judge will then ask you about your financial situation, and may even review your bank statements and pay stubs. If you make over a certain amount, the judge might tell you that you have to retain a drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine offers on your own and cannot access a public defender. On the other hand, you may be ordered to pay for a portion of the public defenders costs. If this is true for you, even though their costs may be less than a private DUI lawyer, they might not provide you with the same benefits. Then, you would have to ask yourself “Is it really worth the savings?”

Why A Private Drunk Driving lawyer in Bangor, Maine May Be a Better Option

It is Your Choice – If you choose a public defender, you will have no choice in who will defend you. Rather the state does this for you. Unless you have a legitimate reason on why you cannot work with the one chosen for you, you have to deal with the situation. If you choose to retain a drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine men and women prefer, you get to choose who will be fighting for you.

You Know They Will Be Experienced – If you take time, you can find a DUI lawyer who has years of experiencing in handling DUI-related charges. This experience can be invaluable. Whereas, a public defender may have experience in a broad number of different charges, but might not necessarily be able to successfully defend DUIs.

A DUI Lawyer Might Only Handle DUIs – It is very common for drunk driving lawyers in Bangor, Maine to focus solely on DUIs or other related areas of the law. This means they should have a comprehensive understanding of DUIs, DWIs, traffic laws, state laws, and other relevant areas. Public defenders don’t get to choose any specific area. The benefit here is that they obtain a well rounded legal experience, but they might not have honed in on their experience in any specific area.

Your Bangor, ME Drunk Driving Lawyer Will Have Time for Your Case – A public defender may be working your case, in addition to a stack of other cases. In short, they don’t have a lot of time to be able to focus on your case alone. Furthermore, their resources are allocated by the state. This means they will likely not put their resources into a DUI case. To better understand this issue, you should consult a drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine trusts.

Money and Losses – A public defender might be free or provided to you at a cost less than a private lawyer, but what happens if you don’t win your case? What happens if your rights were violated, but the public defender failed to acknowledge this? What if you could have won your case had the right amount of time and resources have been given to it? Have you thought how much a DUI might cost you? On average, a DUI can cost a person $15,000 – $20,000 over a five year period (including fines, fees, premium increases, etc.) A private drunk driving lawyer Bangor, Maine drivers count on can cost you one third (give or take) of this. If you win, you’re also saving money.

What kinds of field sobriety tests may I be asked to take, and should I oblige?

If you have been pulled over by police on suspicion of drunk driving, you may be asked to submit a chemical test. These can include a breath test, urine test, or blood test. In general, the latter two are taken at the police station, and only after a positive or questionable breath test or after total refusal of the former. The consequences of refusing to submit a chemical alcohol test vary by state; however, a suspension of your license is fairly standard. This suspension might even be upheld if you have been found not guilty of a charge.

Typically when you refuse to take a test, your charges will require you to go to trial. The prosecutor might use this against you and tell the jury that it implies you are guilty of being intoxicated while driving. A drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME trusts may develop a defense that includes legitimate and fair reasons for your refusal.

Making the choice to refuse any of the tests is not something to do on haste. The consequences can be harsh and cause months or years of repercussions. If you know test will result in high blood alcohol levels, you must be prepared to weigh out the consequences of either option. Most importantly, regardless of what you choose, you should be ready to consult with a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME provides.

Choosing a Test

If you have agreed to submit an alcohol test, the police officer may give you the choice of a breath, blood, or urine test. If one of these is not available, you will have to choose from those that are. Choosing one that is not available and then arguing that you won’t submit any other test will not be favorable. The police officer may treat this situation as a refusal which could lead to the aforementioned circumstances.

If you choose a breath test, it may be in your best interest to ask the police officer for another test, either blood or urine. This can allow a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME respects to compare the results. Should there be anything else apart from alcohol in your body, you might want to choose only a breath test. Even if you are arrested for this, you might be better off declining any further testing until you contact a drunk driving lawyer in Bangor ME.

The most accurate form of test is a blood test followed by the breath test and urine test. If you don’t know what your sobriety level is, choosing the blood test may be your best option. If you are concerned about your sobriety level and believe it to be high, a urine test may be most ideal.

The sooner you contact a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME offers, the better the outcome your case may be, so don’t hesitate to call David Bate now at (207) 945-3233.