Drunk Driving Lawyer Bangor ME

When you’re facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you should consult with a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME has to offer. At the law office of David Bate, we strive to provide comprehensive legal services to each client. Through education, experience, dedication, and creativity, we are ready to build a strong defense based upon your own individual circumstances. To speak with a Bangor drunk driving lawyer, please call David Bate today.

Why You Should Consider a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Bangor ME

Maine has complex laws and regulations encompassing drunk driving crimes. Many of these carry harsh penalties, especially when you don’t have a legal voice to speak on your behalf. The good news is that the outcomes of such charges can vary, thereby leaving room for a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME trusts to navigate the legal system and find loopholes that could benefit the client. The following are some possible outcomes of a drunk driving charge and what they could mean for you. For an in-depth discussion of how your case could unfold and be resolved, please call David Bate.

Dismissal of Charges

Perhaps the most sought-after result, the dismissal of charges typically occurs in three forms:

  1. The prosecutor dismisses the charges because of a lack of evidence
  2. The charges are dismissed after a motion hearing (e.g. due to a lack of evidence, rights violations, lapses in statute of limitations, prosecutorial misconduct, etc.)
  3. A jury or judge chooses to dismiss the charges during a bench trial

The first form of charge dismissal is rare, but all three forms are possible. This holds especially true when you have a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME respects on your side.

Plea Bargaining

As one of the easiest ways to reduce DUI charges, plea bargaining happens when an agreement between the defendant and state has been made. The process is usually the result of a lawyer negotiating your case based upon its strengths, the state’s weaknesses, and your personal character strengths. Some plea bargains are made quickly while others take a bit more patience and hard work. Plea bargains may be beneficial because they open the possibilities for results other than a serious DUI conviction. In some cases, plea bargains lead to minor charges such as reckless endangerment, reckless driving, negligent driving, or a traffic violation.


As with any case, there is a possibility that a DUI charge results in being found guilty. By having a drunk driving lawyer in Bangor ME, you may be able to reduce your risk of a conviction. When people are found guilty, it is often because they pleaded guilty as charged during a hearing. It is highly recommended to avoid making such a statement without the advice of a lawyer.

Deferred Prosecution

Deferred prosecution is an agreement between the state and the defendant. It essentially says the state will not prosecute in exchange for the defendant to enter a treatment program. The length may be up to two years or more, but this is dependent on each case as well as the state legislation. Several conditions may also be set in place which could last for a period of time extending beyond the treatment. This option is not for everyone, and should only be considered with the assistance of a drunk driving lawyer Bangor ME depends on.

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