Facts on Juveniles Charged with Drug Offenses

Facts on Juveniles Charged with Drug Offenses Lawyer Bangor ME

As parents, we all do our best to make sure our children stay safe. As they get older and enter their teen years, that often becomes harder and harder to accomplish. One of the most heartbreaking situations for any family to have to deal with is when their teen gets involved with drugs. Despite all that parents do to try to prevent this from happening, the exposure to drugs for teens is almost unavoidable, no matter where you live. That issue becomes even worse when they are caught by school officials of having the drugs on school property. Suddenly, the issues become compounded with legal issues and possible criminal convictions. These situations require the legal expertise and skill of an experienced defense lawyer Bangor ME families trust.

If your teen has been accused of possession of drugs or intent to sell, contact David Bate Law Office immediately. Our lawyer in Bangor ME is well versed and skilled in juvenile law. It is important to know that the juvenile court system is different than the adult court system and the attorney you hire needs to be experienced and aware of those differences. Otherwise, it could negatively impact your child’s case.

Peer pressure is a big part of why teens become involved with drugs. When they are with a group of their friends and someone offers them drugs, although their first instinct may be to say no, they often feel pressured to not say no because they don’t want to appear as not being one of the crowd. This pressure can lead to not only taking drugs, but to selling drugs, as well. Often, these activities take place right at school.

In addition to illegal drugs, like marijuana or methamphetamines, teens can also get caught up in taking and/or selling prescription medication. One of the most common drugs that this occurs with are the ones prescribed to help control attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

Juveniles face serious legal issues if they are caught using or selling drugs to their peers, however, when a teen is caught in any drug-related activity in a school zone, the charges become even more dire. This is because all states have passed laws which make certain crimes more serious if they take place within so many feet of school property. This is especially true when it comes to drugs. School zones are designated as drug-free zones and if a teen is convicted of a drug offense in a school zone, the sentence imposed could be double what it would be if the crime occurred somewhere else.

And it is not just in near the school itself where these drug-free zone laws apply. As a defense lawyer can explain, if the crime occurs on a school bus, the laws also apply.

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Any juvenile criminal charges are serious, but drug offenses can have even more of a negative impact on a teen’s future, including whether or not they qualify for federal student aid for college. If your child is facing drug charges, contact David Bate Law Office today to meet with a defense lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend. Don’t delay – your child’s future depends on it.