FAQ’s About Product Liability Lawsuits

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Every year, there are thousands of products that are recalled because of some kind of design or manufacturing defect. These recalls do not occur until there have been reports of injuries or complaints filed by consumers. Tragically, by the time the general public learns of a product’s dangers, there have often already been victims who have been injured or even killed.


When a victim is injured because of a defective or dangerous product, the law says that they have a right to pursue damages against the party or parties responsible for the defective product. Many people who have been injured seek financial compensation for their losses through product liability claims or lawsuits. A personal injury lawyer in Maine can advocate you against the company and their attorneys.


The first question that a personal injury lawyer will determine is who is the party that is liable for the injuries a victim sustains from a defective product. The laws say that this is the party who is responsible for the victim’s losses. Some of the most common parties to these actions include:



Once the lawyer has determined which party or parties are liable for the victim’s injury, he or she will then begin to build evidence to prove negligence in the product liability lawsuit. In many jurisdictions, there is the theory of strict liability which is in place. This means that the victim does not have to prove the company that made the product was negligent. The defective product is enough to prove that negligence.


However, there are three elements that a victim – through their lawyer – must prove to be successful in their claim:



When a personal injury lawyer files a product liability lawsuit, there are three categories of defects that the lawsuit will fall under:



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