Because facing federal criminal charges is more complex and frustrating than the “ordinary” stresses of state charges, call a federal criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME knows and trusts. Federal crimes carry a multitude of complications that are just not present in state prosecutions. If it is a holiday, evening or weekend or I am not in my office, call my cell – 207-478-1093 – and leave a text if I don’t answer. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Only an experienced federal criminal defense attorney can effectively advise you regarding the issues specific to a federal defense. For example, in addition to your very important rights to silence and to counsel:

Assistant U.S. Attorneys have lower case loads. “AUSAs” may have a couple dozen open cases while state prosecutors typically will have hundreds. This is an important consideration because the AUSAs’ lower caseloads give them time to fully investigate and follow-up on an incoming case. By the time they file federal charges, they are certain in their minds that they will win. AUSAs rarely bluff, but it happens. Call me, the federal criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME turns to for guidance and advocacy through this legal maze.

Federal bail often is more difficult. Federal bail statutes often impose presumptions and roadblocks to pretrial bail, especially in drug cases. Release on federal bail happens in about half the cases, but the defense attorney’s preparation and familiarity with the federal landscape are crucial.

Federal defense analysis starts with the Sentencing Guidelines. “Simply put,” the United States Sentencing Guidelines (“USSG”) are 500 pages of crime and conduct classifications designed to calculate an advisory sentencing range that the Court must consider but need not follow in imposing sentence. Unfortunately, that’s about as simple as it gets. What you need to understand is that you have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME relies upon to explain the USSG. Then you will know your federal sentencing exposure, what I can do to help you, and our pretrial and trial options.

There generally is no plea bargaining federal criminal charges. Again, this is not state court, where lawyers negotiate a potential compromise based, to a large degree, on somewhat weaker state cases and the state prosecutor’s higher caseload. A federal charge is thoroughly vetted in the U.S. Attorney’s Office before charges are filed. If you hire a lawyer very early in the process, upon first hearing you may be a suspect in a federal crime, there often are some valuable positions to be preserved. If you have delayed in hiring a lawyer, immediately call the federal criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME chooses to protect your defense.

Simultaneous federal and state charges pending. Dual state/federal defenses are not good, but if done right the state charge may result in no additional time. It takes experience and knowledge in both court systems to get this done. When this is handled incorrectly by lawyers without adequate federal experience, it can result in extra and unnecessary months and years that could have been saved off a sentence.

Worst part: the federal Bureau of Prisons can designate you to any prison in the country. Maine does not have a federal prison, so a federal convict will be shipped out of state. That process is brutal and the transport can take weeks. In some cases, I can arrange for you to self-report, avoiding the nonstop rides between jails and prisons until you finally reach your designation. Regardless, the prospect of out-of-state incarceration raises the federal defense stakes considerably for obvious reasons.

Call me, a tested federal criminal defense lawyer Bangor ME has been calling for over 20 years.