Getting a Job with an Assault Conviction

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Criminal Convictions

Even after you’ve completed your jail sentence or probation, an assault conviction can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Because many employers conduct background checks on prospective job candidates these days, a conviction makes it more challenging to land the position you want. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are a few ways to get hired with an assault conviction:

Be Honest About Your Conviction

When you fill out an application for a job, it can be tempting to avoid mentioning your assault conviction. However, this could end up backfiring on you. If the application specifically asks if you’ve been convicted of a crime, you should provide an honest answer. If an employer conducts a background check and discovers that you were dishonest about your conviction, they may wonder what else you’ve lied about and refuse to hire you.

Give an Explanation

During an interview, the employer may ask you details about your assault conviction. This is your opportunity to explain exactly what happened and how you’ve learned from it. For example, if you got into a bar fight in college, you could tell the employer that you were very young and weren’t thinking clearly. However, you should still take complete responsibility for your actions. Don’t try to blame someone else, even if you believe you weren’t treated fairly.

Demonstrate How You’ve Changed

Many employers may be wary about hiring someone with an assault conviction on their record. They may think you have trouble controlling your temper and may worry about having you around customers and other employees. That’s why it’s essential to show the employer how you’ve changed your ways since your conviction. For example, if you’ve successfully completed an anger management course, mention that to the employer.

Get References

If you have an assault conviction on your record, some employers may assume you aren’t a reliable or trustworthy person. However, if you are able to obtain character references from friends and colleagues, employers may be more willing to take a chance on you. Your references could tell employers about your positive qualities and why you’re a good candidate for the job.

Get Your Record Sealed or Expunged

If an assault conviction is keeping you from obtaining the job you want, talk to a criminal defense lawyer, like a criminal defense lawyer in Rockville, MD, about getting your record sealed or expunged. If you clean up your record, you will have a much easier time securing employment. A lawyer can review your case and determine if you’re a good candidate for sealing or expungement.

If you want to clean up your criminal record, schedule a consultation with a reputable criminal lawyer today.

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