How Long Do I Have to See a Doctor After a Lime or Bird Accident in Georgia?

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Lime and Bird are the largest companies that rent motorized scooters in Georgia. While some communities have resisted the scooter revolution, Atlanta has implemented regulations that allow scooters to operate on most city streets.

Unfortunately, not all scooter operators are responsible. Some are ignoring the prohibition against riding on sidewalks. Others are failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

A Lime or Bird scooter can travel at speeds of up to 15 mph. A collision at that speed will almost always knock down a pedestrian. Either the initial collision or the impact of falling in the street can cause broken bones, shattered teeth, torn muscles, and other serious injuries.

Scooter operators are liable for injuries caused by negligent scooter operation. A Georgia accident lawyer can help injury victims settle their claims, but the first step after any accident is to see a doctor as quickly as possible.

Time Limit for Seeing a Doctor After a Lime or Bird Accident in Georgia

Georgia law imposes no specific time limit for seeing a doctor after a scooter accident. The right to bring an injury claim, on the other hand, will usually be lost if the claim is not settled or a lawsuit filed within two years after the accident.

That does not mean that injury victims should wait two years before seeing a doctor. Making an injury claim is a useless exercise if the claim is not supported by evidence. In addition to gathering evidence that the accident was caused by a careless scooter operator, it is essential to develop evidence that the accident caused the victim’s injuries.

Lawyers and insurance claims adjusters rely on medical records to establish the extent and cause of an accident victim’s injuries. Seeing a doctor immediately after a scooter accident provides strong evidence that the injuries reported to the doctor were caused by the accident.

When accident victims delay seeing a doctor, insurance adjusters assume that their injuries were caused by something that happened after the accident. They will blame muscle pain on work or chores at home rather than the collision with a scooter.

The longer an accident victim waits to see a doctor, the more difficult it becomes to prove that the victim’s injuries were caused by the accident. Seeing a doctor immediately and following the doctor’s treatment plan are important keys to obtaining full compensation for accident injuries.

Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Immediately After a Georgia Lime or Bird Accident

Seeing a doctor immediately after a scooter accident will help your lawyer negotiate a fair settlement for your case. More importantly, seeing a doctor promptly will help your injuries heal more quickly.

Some injuries, including damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, require treatment before they will heal. Without treatment, the injury may become more serious. Seeing a doctor helps injury victims recover more quickly and improves the odds of avoiding permanent or long-term impairments.

In some cases, injuries can cause damage that is not immediately apparent. The impact of a scooter collision can harm internal organs. A crash that damages a spleen, for example, might not cause the spleen to rupture for several days. Seeing a doctor after a blow to the body is the only way to be sure that internal organs have not been harmed.

Head injuries can also have delayed consequences. Concussions should always be evaluated by a doctor. Bleeding or swelling in the brain might not be apparent until it is too late to save the injury victim’s life. A prompt medical examination is the only way to be sure that scooter collision injuries are not more severe than they initially appear.

Injury victims can initially rely upon their own health insurance to fund their treatment. Their personal injury lawyer in Brookhaven, GA can help them navigate demands that insurance company might make for reimbursement from compensation that is paid by the scooter operator.

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