How to Protect Yourself After Being in a Car Accident

  • By:David Bate

Bangor, ME Car Accident Lawyer

When a person is part of a car accident, he or she may face several types of damages and loss. Not only that, but victims may get taken advantage of in the days or weeks following the accident. The insurance company for the other driver and adjusters may do whatever they can to limit how much the victim receives in compensation for the crash. It isn’t fair that the victim has to suffer so much, when he or she wasn’t responsible for the accident happening. One way that a person can help protect themselves after a vehicle collision, is to hire an attorney for representation.

Q: Do I need to worry about my own car insurance agency?

A: In general, your insurance company will be on your side regarding the car accident, as long as you are forthcoming with information and report the incident right away. If you delay in contacting your insurer and they hear from the other driver’s insurance first, that may not look so good. Once you file a car accident claim with your insurance, you may get calls from people who may try to trick you out of the money you deserve to recover.

Q: Who may reach out to me in the days after the accident?

A: The other driver’s insurance company and an insurance adjuster may contact you to ask questions about the accident. Keep in mind that what you say may be interpreted and twisted in such a way, that negatively impacts your claim. These people may come off as very caring and even inquire as to how you are feeling after the accident, but aren’t out for your best interest. If you feel nervous about having this dialogue, you can refer to your attorney for guidance or have them handle the conversation for you.

Q: What if I say something wrong while talking with an adjuster?

A: If you say something to an insurance adjuster that hinders your claim, you may be less likely to receive a reasonable settlement. This is why it is crucial that you do not offer a statement to anyone besides your own insurance company and attorney. If you feel you said something wrong during your conversation, you may want to follow up with your attorney to see if any damage control can be done.

Q: What if I’m offered a low settlement, what can I do next?

A: After an evaluation of your car accident claim, you may be offered a settlement that is way below what you need for vehicle repairs, medical bills, loss of wage from missing work, and other damages. Offering you a much lower settlement may be a tactic to try and save as much money as possible. If you feel that you aren’t receiving a fair amount despite negotiation, talk with your Bangor, ME car accident lawyer about what you can do next. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the driver at-fault directly instead for financial restitution.

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