Injured In An Accident? An Occupational Therapist Could Help In More Ways Than You Know

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After an accident, it can be hard regaining that independence you used to have. So much is going on — from dealing with all aspects of the accident, to perhaps dealing with a personal injury attorney, as you try to reclaim your life.

While a personal injury attorney can help you regain it financially, an occupational therapist Chicago, IL trusts can help you regain it with regards to your everyday living.

Getting your life back can be a long and difficult process. Here is some information that may prepare you and your loved ones for how an occupational therapist can help change your lives for the better.

What is an occupational therapist?

The word “occupation” in the title is about more than just about paid employment. Rather, it is about all the things that “occupy” your time. Central to the practice is the recognition that people are unique, and those unique experiences nurtures you through life and informs your choices.

An occupational therapist will research what has brought you to this point, and what you are needing to regain so as to help you be as self-sufficient as possible. Some injuries are worse than others, and they will evaluate what each patient’s specific needs are.

How will they evaluate what’s needed?

The therapist will review all of the pertinent information about your case. This can include charts from your doctors, therapists, psychologists, as well as your school history, resume, work history — all to help them get a well-rounded snapshot of what has brought you to this point.

You (or a caretaker) will fill out a questionnaire as well as complete an interview, which is sometimes done in the home. If you have caretakers, they will want to know everything they are doing to help you.

How can they help?

Once the evaluation is completed, the therapist will work on a plan, taking into account your specific goals and current abilities. If you aren’t able to be self-sufficient, the therapist will help train others, whether it’s family or care workers, to help provide everything you need.

If you are able to return to work, the therapist can work with your employer on any special needs or tools that can help you do the job. They will help you with strategies or techniques to deal with any impediments that could come up because of the injury.

While the therapist can help someone who has been injured get their life back, or at least introduce them to skills that can help them regain as much independence as possible, it can be very expensive.

The personal injury lawyer can make the case in court, and the therapist can be a strong ally for you by being an excellent witness when your case goes to trial.

The occupational therapist studies behavioral, biological, occupational and social sciences. It gives them a perspective that makes them incredibly helpful in answering questions in personal injury cases.



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