Injury Claims Lawyer Bangor ME

Injury Claims Lawyer Bangor ME

When you have been injured by another, you may want to speak with an injury claims lawyer in Bangor, Maine from David Bate Law Firm. When did your accident occur? Are you still debating whether to sue? While it is understandable if you are on the fence about making a personal injury claim, a personal injury lawyer Bangor ME relies on knows that you do need to make a decision. Personal injury claims are hard enough, but because they are bureaucratic processes, people who do not understand the rules and procedures can end up making costly mistakes. Therefore, if you are thinking of filing a suit, then a Bangor, ME injury claims lawyer wants you to avoid these five mistakes.

1. Delaying Medical Treatment

An injury claims lawyer in Bangor knows all too well that too many people delay medical treatment after an accident. They either convince themselves that their injuries are manageable, or are afraid of possible diagnoses. Unfortunately, if you do not go to the doctor following an accident it can be challenging to prove what injuries were the result of the accident and which were caused by waiting for treatment.

2. Delaying Suing

Next, it is necessary to understand that time is not on your side when it comes to personal injury claims. A statute of limitations exists in most states, allowing victims to file a lawsuit within the first two years following an accident. However, for minors, most states will wait to apply the two-year deadline until they have turned 18. Speak with your injury claims lawyer in Bangor, ME today if the timeline is in question. 

3. Accepting the Initial Settlement Offer

Another common mistake is taking the initial settlement offer. Most insurance companies do not want the headache of a trial. Therefore, they will send adjusters out to speak with victims attempting to convince them to take a settlement that is only a fraction of what they could receive in legitimate negotiations with a trusted Bangor, Maine injury claims lawyer.

4. Speaking Too Freely

One of the worst things you can do when filing a personal injury claim is to talk too freely. You do not need to explain your injuries or actions to anyone except your attorney before trial. While you may find that obvious, especially in terms of insurance adjusters, many people speak freely to friends and family or post messages on social media that are specific to the case. Everything you say and do following an accident will be watched. Adjusters and attorneys for the defense are looking for any way to minimize the insurer’s liability.

5. Failing to Hire a Lawyer

Last, the biggest mistake you can make following an accident is failing to hire an injury claims lawyer Bangor, ME victims rely on to represent your personal injury claim. It is proven that attorneys can get their clients larger settlement offers.

Are you planning on filing a personal injury lawsuit? If so, then don’t go it alone. Hire a local Bangor, ME injury claims lawyer from David Bate Law Firm to help defend your case and get you the settlement you deserve.