Injury Law Firm Bangor, ME

Injury Law Firm Bangor, ME

Injury Law Firm Bangor, MEAs the attorneys from David Bate Law Office understand, there are many reasons why a car accident may unfold and leave the victim needing assistance from our injury law firm in Bangor, ME. Let’s say you got into a car accident, and the other driver was obviously at-fault. Perhaps you decide to take them to civil court after realizing that you won’t get a fair amount in settlement compensation from their insurance company. You may then ask yourself how you can increase the odds of winning your lawsuit. As the attorneys from our ME injury law firm in Bangor may tell you, the biggest way to strengthen your lawsuit is by gathering and showcasing strong evidence in support of your claims.

A personal injury lawyer Bangor ME residents rely on can offer guidance and support as a lawsuit is filed against the other driver. Unless someone has filed a civil lawsuit before, they may be unsure what to do next and tend to have plenty of questions that need answering. Here, we answer a series of questions that many people ask their attorney from the David Bate Law Office during a car accident civil lawsuit consultation: 


If there were witnesses nearby, should I contact them for a statement? 

Yes, if there were people who saw the car accident happen and you believe their story could support your claims, then you should reach out for an official statement. If you aren’t sure what questions to ask, an attorney from our Bangor, ME injury law firm may even be able to contact them for you, or give advice on how to have that conversation.

Could a witness’ statement potentially hurt my case?
It is key that after obtaining a statement, that what they say actually supports your side of the story. It is possible that a well-intentioned bystander may give a report of what happened through their eyes, but then you come to find out that there’s some serious discrepancies. Before using a witness’ statement in your civil lawsuit, you should have an attorney from our Bangor injury law firm read it over for errors. 


What types of evidence should I have gathered from the scene?

Hopefully you were able to gather evidence at the scene of the car accident before leaving the area. Types of evidence that can be most influential to your case are things like video recordings and photographs. The best elements to capture are the entire crash scene, debris on the ground, broken glass, tire marks, damage to both vehicles, and street signs. It is also imperative that you exchanged information with the other driver, including:



What if I was too injured to have exchanged details with the other driver?
If you were ushered to the hospital for emergency medical care, then the officer who arrived at the scene is likely to have taken down the other driver’s information for you. You can request a copy of this policy report from your local law enforcement office in the days to follow, once you have had a chance to get better. Be sure to also provide a copy of this report to a Maine injury law firm attorney. Your health comes first, so if you do not feel well enough to obtain evidence, then never hesitate to call for help so your injuries can get prompt treatment. 


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