Injury Law Firm Bangor, ME

Injury Law Firm Bangor, ME

When someone else has injured you, you need the help of an attorney from a personal injury law firm in Bangor, ME like the David Bate Law Office. If you file a personal injury lawsuit against someone, you probably have a good reason. Getting hurt due to someone else’s reckless actions can often mean you have medical bills to pay. If the injuries are severe enough, you may have also lost income which puts you further into debt. Seeking help from a personal injury law firm Bangor, ME residents trust is crucial.

Settling a personal injury action may work in your favor or your attorney may advise that you have a better chance of recovering more money by going before a judge. Depending on the laws where you live, some jurisdictions cap awards for these cases while others may have no limit. Once you either settle or get a judgment, where does the money wind up going? Our Bangor, Maine injury law firm wants you to explore some of the things your award may be used to pay before you get to use it.

Medical Bills 

Depending on how your case works out, you may get enough money to cover your medical bills. In many states, this is called compensatory damages. The amount of this award is generally arrived at by tallying up the cost of your medical bills, your loss of income, and any personal property damage. It is the most provable type of damages allowed in personal injury lawsuits. Even if you settle before going to court, your attorney from our Bangor injury law firm will likely ask that the money cover these items. Once the money comes in, generally through your attorney’s trust, any outstanding medical liens and bills will be paid first.

Attorney Fees 

Many personal injury lawyers don’t get paid until you do. This helps to entice people to engage their services rather than try to go the claim route alone. Sometimes, attorneys may need a retainer upfront, which is used for supplies and fees like filing documents and copy charges. You will most likely sign a contract with the attorney setting out either a set amount you are to pay them or a percentage of your overall award. After money goes to release medical liens, the attorney will take their cut. Speak to our personal injury law firm in Bangor, ME about more specific information regarding attorney fees. 


Finally, after these things are discharged, you will get the rest of the award. In some circumstances, this will not be a lot of money. Depending on the details of the case, you may not have been entitled to punitive or general damages and the award received was just enough to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and attorney fees. However, anything that is left after these bills have been paid is yours.

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It is always a good idea to get expert help when dealing with court-related actions. A personal injury lawyer near you can prove to be a valuable asset when trying to recover what you lost. To see how our injury law firm in Bangor, ME can help you, contact the David Bate Law Office today.