Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

  • By:David Bate

Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

With the winter in full effect, we have to look at out for a few hazards outside.  Not just ice, but also a host of other things we have to look out for.  Although we will talk about the two main objects to look out for to slip, there are a few reminders from a knee pain doctor Rockville MD trusts to keep in mind in the winter season.


Watch Your Step

Although you can spend time to wear the right weather attire including proper shoes and jacket there is a simple step most people forgot.  While walking, don’t forget to occasionally look around your environment.  For example, when making turns look at where your feet are present.  Also when ascending or descending steps, take one step at a time and observe if there is a rail present on the stairs.  Most falls happen with simple transitional movement we take for granted.



Although you might think your steps should not change at all, the changing season should cause us to pause and think about our steps for a moment.  For example, if someone were to shuffle their feet they might not be able to properly objects on the floor.  On the flip side if a person’s steps were too broad they would have too wide of base of support and might fall as well.  When walking a person should remember a few tips:  Have your feet right underneath your body (hip width apart), arms and shoulders relaxed, in order to not cause undue stress on the upper shoulders and neck and remember to not walk with your hands in your pockets in order to catch yourself in case of an unintentional fall.



When you do the final fall cleaning in the yard you must look out for the leaves.  Leaves can be just as slippery as ice.  While walking on leaves it is important to not make huge movements and not rushing or running.  Depending the amount of leaves, it can become very slippery with little padding if a fall occurs.



Not watching the ground, ice and snow is the major culprit that bring patients into the office.  Due to injuries pertaining to the elements, there can be a series of knee injuries.  Although it can be very painful to fall on the patella or kneecap. patients can easily twist and injure the different ligaments on either side of the knee joint.  if a person has either knees bend, the medial collateral ligament can be affected.  If the knee bends away from the body, that can affect the lateral collateral ligament (LCL).


Thinking about your posture and walking can cause you not have a fall and increase your health and well being.  Taking the time to educate yourself before the weather gets bad is key.  And reflecting on these points can also help you to improve the wellbeing of others in your community as well.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Advanced Spine & Wellness for their insight into knee injuries from slips and falls.

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