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When you need a lawyer Bangor ME relies on, the time to call is now. The legal team at the David Bate law office is available to meet with you and discuss whatever legal issue you may be facing. When you need a skilled lawyer in Bangor ME, we’re the firm to call.

Lawyer Bangor MEA professional lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend understands that there is no harm in seeking clarity at the beginning of a difficulty, whether it is a criminal investigation or a personal injury. The sooner you speak to counsel, the sooner you will get action and answers. The initial consultation is free and with no obligation.

Call my office anytime. On weekends, holidays, or after hours, you can call my cell phone, 207-478-1093. If I cannot answer immediately, leave a text or a voice message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If I am in court when you call, my secretary, Debra, will text me and I will contact you during my next break.

A skilled lawyer Bangor ME community members depend on knows that delays in calling counsel can cost you. Crucial evidence and witnesses may disappear. Deadlines may pass. The opposing side may be solidifying its position through investigation and research that can permanently prejudice your case. As a lawyer Bangor ME trusts, I will help you navigate these uncertain waters.

If you are dealing with a legal matter, you may want to contact a lawyer Bangor ME residents trust, such as David Bate. He has been helping individuals like yourself with various legal issues since 1994. With a reputable lawyer like David Bate on your side, you may have peace of mind about your situation.

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Dealing with a legal matter on your own can be quite overwhelming. That is what a lawyer in Bangor ME is there for. Let’s take a look at some good reasons to work with an experienced lawyer:

Questions to Ask During a Consultation With a Lawyer

Before you hire a Bangor lawyer, it is important to find out about his skills and experience. You can do that by asking the right questions at the initial consultation. Here are several questions you may want to ask a lawyer Bangor ME residents depend on during a consultation:

Do not wait to hire legal representation for your case. Not having a lawyer may cost you more later on. If you are searching for a lawyer Bangor ME offers, you may want to contact David Bate at 207-945-3233.

How a Lawyer Bangor ME Residents Count on Can Help

Lawyer fees are more formidable when they are a mystery. If yours is an accident case, then you will not owe a lawyer fee unless I collect a recovery for you. If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, we can discuss my fee after a few minutes of phone conversation.

If your case falls outside my practice areas, I am happy to talk to you and refer you to appropriate counsel. I have practiced law in Maine since 1992, so I am familiar with lawyers in all fields of practice. There is no charge to you for this referral. Give a call to a top lawyer Bangor ME has known for years.
My office is easy to find, just across from the post office and jail in Bangor. If you are unable to meet during business hours, I can arrange other times. If you are unable to travel, I can come to you. The only important part is that we start talking about your case to make sure you are taking advantage of important opportunities and not falling into the many traps awaiting the unrepresented.

I believe that trust and dedication are the very least a client expects and deserves from hired counsel. You can communicate with me at any time. You will have my cell phone number. I understand that if a lawyer is involved in your life, something personal and potentially catastrophic is happening to you. It is a great honor to be trusted to tend to the legal affairs of those in need. I strive every day to be the lawyer Bangor ME turns to when their lives are in upheaval.

Clients from out of state, or even out of the country, often call me to resolve old criminal cases, assist family members in the area, or represent their college-aged children. I can produce sound, tangible results skillfully and quickly. If I am in trial and unable to give your case the full and immediate attention it deserves, I will find you a lawyer who can. If you need to speak to a lawyer Bangor ME trusts, look no further.

What Type of Legal Issues Can We Help With?

We understand that situations arise that may seriously impact your life, not only in the present, but also in the future. That is why we work diligently for each and every one of our clients, not matter what the legal matter is that they are facing.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen in life and people get hurt, but when the accident and injuries are caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness, the results for victims and their families can be devastating. Not only are they dealing with the pain and suffering of their injury, they may also be faced with overwhelming financial burdens from being unable to work. This is why many victims turn to a skilled lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend.
Some of the different types of personal injury cases we assist clients with include:

There are many types of damages for which personal injury victims can recover their costs. Some of those damages have a concrete dollar value, such as medical expenses, while others need to be determined by the courts. Some of the damages you may be entitled to collect through your personal injury or wrongful death claim include:

Medical Malpractice
Most people put their faith in their doctors and other medical personnel, expecting that they will do everything they can to keep them safe and free from harm. But when preventable medical errors, a failure to diagnose or other mistakes occur, the effects on a patient can be catastrophic. According to national statistics, preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death among hospital patients. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the negligence of medical staff, we can help in getting those responsible to answer for those injuries, both legally and financially.

Criminal Defense

Life happens and people make mistakes. We help clients get through Maine’s criminal justice system, obtaining the best outcome possible. Whether it is driving while under the influence, drug charges, or any other criminal prosecution, we can help you get through the process. We also work aggressively to fight against overzealous prosecutors and police when clients are wrongfully accused of criminal activity.

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