Medical Malpractice Lawyer Bangor ME

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Bangor ME

If you have been injured by a doctor’s or a nursing homes’ negligence, contact the medical malpractice lawyer Bangor, ME relies on. Call my office or, after business hours, call my cell, 207-478-1093, to discuss your case. If I am not available, leave a text or voice message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Doctors are proud of the work they do, but every doctor is human and every human makes mistakes. We all know that, but because of the trust we place in doctors and because of their expertise, we want to believe we are safe when we are in their hands. Because of that, a doctor’s mistake can have devastating consequences.

Time is of the essence in seeking legal counsel. Doctors have special protection under their statute of limitations. In Maine, you must file a claim within 3 years of the malpractice (2 years if a wrongful death action). Those deadlines change from state to state. Delay can be costly. Talk to a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor,ME uses to assess your case.

Medical malpractice plaintiffs have a duty to mitigate their damages. This means that you must take prudent corrective action to avoid unnecessary damage from the malpractice. This can include scheduling with specialists to address whatever correction care is appropriate. An experienced lawyer often may use a case manager to coordinate that care, making sure nothing is missed and giving the patient more time to focus on their recovery.

Medical malpractice cases are notoriously difficult to prove. They require a medical malpractice lawyer in Bangor,ME to review medical records and obtain trial experts necessary to pursue a claim. This can be expensive but you will not incur any costs unless I recover a claim for you.

A major part of what I do is sort through potential medical malpractice claims. Many times, what appears to be negligent behavior is in reality a risk that was assumed by the patient. It is very important to listen to providers and read their literature regarding potential risks regarding any treatment. If you agreed to assume a risk relating to a surgery, for example, then you usually cannot sue for damages relating to that assumed risk. Consulting with a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor ME contacts can answer these important questions.

In the vast majority of all medical treatment, doctors perform scientific wonders without a hitch. Even with my exposure to medical malpractice cases, I am in awe of doctors’ work, their education and training, and their dedication. Most doctors agree that if they make a mistake, their patients should receive just compensation.

Insurance companies, however, can turn the tables on an injured patient almost immediately. Do not attempt to even speak to an insurance company about a medical malpractice claim. Claims adjusters can be very personable but their job is to minimize or eliminate your claim. They train for years on how to protect the insurance company from losses. With an unsuspecting victim, adjusters can reduce or eliminate some claims in just minutes.

You need someone to stand between you and the insurance company. Call an experienced medical malpractice lawyer Bangor,ME consults to protect your rights and get you the recovery you deserve.

Meet David Bate

When you call a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor,ME has to offer, you will talk with David Bate. Having decades of experience and a passionate zeal for getting justice, David Bate is the kind of lawyer you can count on for results.

During your consultation, you will get the opportunity to ask different questions or discuss concerns that you might have. As a medical malpractice in lawyer Bangor,ME, David Bate will answer them in an honest and practical manner. Rest assured you by the time your consultation has come to a close, you will feel that you have been guided in the direction that you are seeking.

David Bate works hard to come to resolutions with insurance companies and negligent parties as quickly as possible. As a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor,ME trusts, he knows what to expect and will navigate the legal system efficiently; making use of any loopholes or beneficial regulations.

It is this skillful mindset that makes his firm recommended by people throughout the community. If a settlement is not attainable through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, David Bate will be ready to go to trial. Have no fear about this possibility because a lawyer like David Bate will discuss this entire process with you so you know exactly what to expect.

Top Reasons to Choose David Bate

As a Bangor medical malpractice lawyer, David Bate comes highly recommended by professionals, residents, and lawyers alike. When you choose him to be your lawyer, you can feel confident in knowing that he will:

Call David Bate, a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor,ME respects, today to get started on seeking justice.

Types of Compensation

When you file a claim, a lawyer will review all the details of the incident in addition to medical records, police reports, witness statements, and more. Using this information, a numerical value of what your case is worth can be determined. This will be dependent upon your own unique circumstances which is why it’s prudent to get advice from a dependable medical malpractice lawyer Bangor ME provides. Compensation may cover things like:

David Bate will also take into consideration all of the future prospective expenses and costs that could arise. These might include modifications to a home or car, therapy, rehabilitation, medical equipment, schooling, and so forth. These considerations are very important, but often forgotten or miscalculated. An experienced lawyer like David Bate will not leave out these costs which is why you should call his firm today.

David Bate Will Be On Your Side

If you are ready to receive the utmost legal support and guidance, we are ready to hear you claim. To schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor, ME depends on, call David Bate at (207) 904-5449.

What Mistakes Can Amount to Medical Malpractice?

The term medical malpractice is often thrown around on TV shows and in movies any time a physician makes a mistake. But in real life, medical malpractice is a serious situation with very specific requirements and circumstances under which it applies. Understanding exactly what medical malpractice is can go a long way to helping you recognize when you may be owed a settlement.

It should be noted that if you’re unsure about whether or not your injury constitutes medical malpractice, you should ask a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor, ME respects, such as David Bate.

Defining Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, medicine isn’t an exact science and that means there will be less than ideal decisions and poor outcomes. However, unlike what TV may lead you to believe, that doesn’t automatically add up to medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice is legally defined as a cause of action taken when a health care professional violates standards of care, resulting in injury. There are a handful of types of mistakes that can trigger a winnable malpractice suit, including:

The key to winning these suits is retaining a skilled medical malpractice lawyer Bangor, ME residents can rely on for the ability to prove that a mistake occurred, but could have been avoided if the doctor acted reasonably.

Medical Misdiagnosis

It is possible for a physician to misdiagnose a patient until it’s too late. This often occurs with complex conditions that don’t exhibit known, or expected, symptoms. Some of the most common conditions are infections, blood clots, heart disease and masses.

Negligence During Birth

In the dynamic environment of a labor and delivery, it’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made. If those mistakes result in excessive bleeding, unnecessarily long delivery, premature birth, or any number of serious situations, there may be grounds for a medical malpractice suit.

Prescription Errors

It’s surprisingly easy for physicians and pharmacies to make mistakes when it comes to medication. A doctor can prescribe the wrong medication or a pharmacy may give out too much of a medication. The result can range from mild inconvenience to a life-threatening reaction or death.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are shockingly common and are a major source of medical malpractice suits. There are many different possibilities in this class of medical malpractice errors, among the most common being nerve damage, failure to control bleeding, or leaving something inside the patient.

Call A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Bangor, Maine Provides to the Community

Medical malpractice can have devastating consequences for the victim. If you believe you may have suffered from a doctor’s negligence, it’s best to file sooner rather than later. Talk to a medical malpractice lawyer Bangor, ME families turn to from David Bate Law.  

How Can I Sue a Doctor For Medical Malpractice?

When people go to the hospital after getting sick or hurt, they rely on their doctor’s medical knowledge for treatment and care. Most people trust their doctor, at least to a certain degree, and have faith that they are in good hands. Rarely do patients anticipate their doctor making their condition worse. Doctors and other healthcare staff hold the lives of people in their hands, and must always provide a quality level of care that is expected within the medical community. If they stray from this, then they may face a lawsuit filed by the patient in order to seek compensation for damages and losses. 

What is the first thing I should do if I think they doctor committed medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a very serious issue, that happens in hospitals all across America. If you believe you have suffered due to a doctor’s mistake or other medical personnel, then the first thing you should do is speak with a lawyer. It isn’t easy to prove that medical malpractice occurred without experienced legal representation.

What is something I should not do when preparing for a lawsuit?
What many patients may feel inclined to do is to file a report with the hospital about their concerns. Unfortunately, by doing this it can interfere with preparations for your case. Sadly, because most hospitals want to avoid having to pay thousands or millions of dollars in a settlement, they may try to weaken the foundation of your claim. You may be surprised to notice that you are having trouble receiving copies of medical exams, diagnostics, and other medical information related to the medical malpractice incident. A hospital may try to cover their tracks by withholding paperwork or making changes to protect themselves. 

Is there a statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases?

A statute of limitations is a deadline in which a patient must come forward to file a lawsuit against a doctor and/or hospital for medical malpractice. Depending on the state you reside, the statute of limitations for these types of sensitive and complex cases may be two years from the date of the incident. But for other areas, the statute of limitations may extend to four years after. 

Does the doctor have to be notified prior to the lawsuit?

A notice may have to be sent to the doctor about your intentions to take legal action for medical malpractice, before being eligible to file a lawsuit. Due to the nature of these cases, it is in the best interest of the patient to speak with a lawyer about the initial steps to ensure they are going about it in the correct manner. To prove that a doctor was negligent and that medical malpractice occurred, the victim has to show how a doctor breached their duty of care. With help from a lawyer, this can be proven through medical documentation evidence, expert witness statements, and photographs of the worsened condition. 


What is Informed Consent?