Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bangor ME

Contact the David Bate Law Office immediately if you would like to discuss your case with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME riders trust. David Bate is a personal injury lawyer who has served the Bangor community since 1994.

Taking Your Motorcycle Accident Claim to Court

If you have sustained a serious injury in a motorcycle accident you may be wondering if you’ll have to go to court. Most of the time this isn’t necessary. However, sometimes it is in order to recover damages from the negligent driver.

Not every personal injury attorney is willing to go to court, but David Bate is committed to protecting the rights of his clients. As a Bangor ME motorcycle accident lawyer, David is very familiar with the challenges that riders face on the road. Call him at (207) 945-3233 to make an appointment for a free case review.

Go to Court or Settle?

This may not be an easy decision. It’s important to discuss your options with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Bangor ME. David Bate makes it a practice to consider the best interests of his client. After examining your case in-depth, he will develop a legal strategy with the goal of obtaining the best possible outcome. For some motorcycle accident victims, pursuing a lawsuit is the right decision. For others, having their attorney negotiate a settlement is the right decision. It will depend on the circumstances of your case.

Very often the decision to settle or to take it court rests on these factors:

  1. Is the victim likely to recover more damages by negotiating a settlement or winning a lawsuit? A motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME bikers turn to in similar cases will know if there is a cap on the total dollar amount that a plaintiff can win in a lawsuit. Compare that to how much your case is worth and it may help you decide which avenue to pursue.
  2. How much will it cost the victim to go to trial versus negotiate a settlement (which is usually costlier)? As a motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME residents rely on for legal representation, David Bate can provide you with an honest assessment of what you stand to gain.
  3. How long will the court case take to resolve as compared to a settlement negotiation (which is usually faster)? If the victim has medical bills piling up and has lost wages due to their injury, they may want to fast track the recovery of their damages. David is a motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME insurance companies respect. Regardless of whether you take your case to court or enter into negotiation, he will expedite the process as much as possible.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME locals trust can tell you from experience that bikers are more likelier to suffer an injury than someone riding in a car. As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

It’s an unfortunate fact that injuries from a motorcycle accident are not always immediately apparent. This can cause the victim to suffer even more harm if they don’t seek immediate medical attention, and if they settle with the insurance company before they realize their medical costs, they may have to pay out of pocket. It’s critically important to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME victims work with before you agree to a settlement.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents

Every motorcycle accident is different because there are unique circumstances involved. However, several types of injuries are more common than others among bikers hurt in accidents. These injuries underscore the importance of seeing a doctor and talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bangor ME about your legal options. If you have sustained any of the following injuries, an attorney from our firm may be able to help you recover your damages from the at-fault party:

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bangor ME Can Count On

Your very first priority after receiving medical attention for your motorcycle accident injury should be to contact a motorcycle attorney in Bangor ME. David Bate will help protect your rights and make every effort to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. Call the David Bate Law Office today at (207) 945-3233 to meet with a motorcycle accident lawyer Bangor ME community members have appreciated since 1994.