Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Bangor ME


If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, an experienced personal injury lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend can help you with the insurance claim process. At the David Bate law office, we have successfully represented many victims of motorcycle crashes in obtaining the financial compensation they deserved. When you are looking for a seasoned lawyer in Bangor ME, David Bate is the one to call.

What Are the Steps for Filing a Motorcycle Crash Claim?

Although every motorcycle accident is unique, there are certain steps that all accident victims should take when they are filing a claim against the driver who caused the crash.

  1. The first step is to contact a skilled lawyer Bangor ME residents trust to handle your claim. When you contact David Bate, he can meet with you during a free, confidential consultation. At that time you can discuss the circumstances of your accident and the david-bate-attorney-motorcycle-accident-lawyer-bangor-maineextent of your injury. Once you agree to retain the services of a lawyer, he or she can send a letter to the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. The letter serves to notify all parties that you now have legal representation and that any contact regarding your injury claim should be directly with your lawyer and not with you.
  2. The next step is making sure you are receiving the proper and necessary medical treatment for your injuries. A lawyer Bangor ME victims depend on such as David Bate may need you to keep copies of all documents and paperwork you receive from any medical provider from whom you receive treatment. Your lawyer may also need to obtain copies of all your medical records relating to your injuries. Your lawyer may also want any documents you receive from your job that addresses any time you have missed from work because of your injuries. You may also want to provide you lawyer with any documents that related to any damages to your motorcycle.
  3. Once all of these documents have been collected and provided to the insurance company, they can likely make a proposed settlement offer. In the majority of cases, that offer is typically much less than what the victim deserves. This is when your lawyer can begin negotiating. For instance, David Bate can submit a counteroffer to the insurance company. This process can last for some time with offers and counteroffers going back and forth until a mutually agreeable settlement is reached. If that does not happen, then your lawyer may discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit and taking the case to court.


Let a Lawyer Bangor ME Clients Trust Help You

If you would like to speak with a Bangor lawyer about what legal options you may have regarding accident injuries you have suffered, call David Bate today. He can review the details of your case with you and offer his guidance as to what might be a good course of action.

Contact a lawyer Bangor ME provides today at (207) 945-3233 to schedule your free case evaluation with David Bate.