MVA Lawyer Bangor ME

MVA Lawyer Bangor ME

MVA Lawyer Bangor ME

It is well-documented just how distracting using a smartphone can be, whether it is talking to someone, texting, or checking social media. That is pretty evident when you are sitting in a restaurant or riding a train. Everyone in Maine seems to be so focused on their phones that they are almost completely unaware of what it is taking place around them. Now imagine that same level of smartphone focus by someone who is behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

As an MVA lawyer in Bangor ME can attest, any activity that takes a driver’s focus and attention from the road is considered distracted driving. This not only includes using a smartphone, but can also include eating or drinking while driving, fiddling with a CD player or radio, or setting a GPS. A driver who engages in any of these activities not only may be guilty of breaking the law, but also greatly increases the risk of causing a serious – if not fatal – car crash.

 And despite all the studies, warning, and new laws states have passed that prohibit drivers from using their smartphones while driving, distracted driving accidents still continue to increase each year, causing thousands of injuries and deaths. If you have been a victim of a crash, consider contacting an MVA lawyer in Bangor ME from David Bate Law for help. 

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, more than 1.5 million vehicle crashes are caused each year because a driver was using their cell phone instead of staying completely focused on their driving. In fact, although alcohol-related accidents is still a major factor in fatal car crashes, a driver is six times more likely to be in or cause a vehicle accident if they are texting than if they are drunk.   

Distracted driving is especially an issue with teen drivers. This is in large part due to the social pressure of immediately documenting everything they do on social media, whether it is on Instagram, Snapchat, or other sites. And even though almost 95 percent of teen drivers admit to knowing the risks, almost 40 percent admit they text and driver. More than 20 percent of fatal crashes involving a teen driver are caused by cell phone use. 

What Damages Can Victims Be Awarded in Distracted Driving Crashes? 

If a driver is engaged in some type of distracted driving behavior – i.e. using their cellphone, eating, grooming, or even talking to a passenger in the vehicle – they may be violating the duty of care that each driver owes to other commuters they share the road with. Every driver is required to use reasonable care while driving and watching out for hazards and dangers on the road. A driver who takes their eyes and focus off the road and hands off the wheel while engaging in a distracted driving behavior can be found negligent and therefore liable for any injuries a victim sustains in a crash.

Some of the damages a car accident lawyer Bangor ME offers can collect for a victim of a distracted driving crash includes:

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