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If you have been charged with an OUI, you should understand that the next steps in between the charges and your sentencing will go relatively fast. You should not delay in consulting an OUI lawyer Bangor, ME trusts from David Bate Law.

Deciding Whether or Not to Hire a OUI Lawyer Bangor, ME Has to Offer to the Maine Community

If you have been charged with a OUI, you may be considering whether or not to hire a Bangor OUI lawyer. An OUI is a serious criminal charge, and a conviction can have lifelong consequences. There are several considerations when making the determination of what steps to take next, including decisions regarding representation by an experienced OUI attorney. We encourage you to contact us at David Bate Law and request a free consultation to discuss your case with our OUI lawyer Bangor, ME relies on: David Bate. The fact is, making mistakes early in the process can make it very difficult to successfully defend yourself. We can help.

Comparing a Private OUI Lawyer to a Public Defender

As a general rule, those who cannot afford to hire a private OUI lawyer are eligible to receive the legal services of a public defender. However, most people do not qualify. Additionally, there may not be a public defender who is available to handle your case. In this instance, the Court may appoint a “panel attorney” to represent you. A panel attorney is not a public defender and is in fact a private lawyer who is paid by the Court in cases where the accused cannot afford to hire a private lawyer themselves. Panel attorneys may or may not have the skills and experience necessary to handle a case successfully. This is also true of many public defenders as well. Any court appointed lawyer is likely to lack the same resources as a private OUI lawyer Bangor, ME men and women prefer from David Bate. Furthermore, please understand that:

Penalties of an OUI

If you were charged with an OUI, you may want to consult with David Bate, an OUI lawyer Bangor, ME respects. He has represented individuals with OUI charges since 1994 and is ready to fight for you. With David on your side, you may be able to avoid these OUI penalties:

Jail Time

Even if this is your first offense, you may still have to spend time in jail if you get convicted of an OUI. This means time away from your job and family. It is likely that your employer may even fire you if you get sentenced to jail. If you have an experienced OUI lawyer in Bangor, ME, like David, on your side, he may help you avoid spending any time in jail.


An OUI conviction may also result in fines. These fines may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A skilled OUI lawyer Bangor, ME counts on may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney and reduce the amount of fines you have to pay.

Driver’s License Suspension

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the judge may likely suspend your driver’s license for a while. As you can probably imagine, a license suspension may negatively impact your life in several ways. You may not be able to drive to work or other important places. Instead, you may have to ask friends and family members to drive you around, which may get tiresome. A Bangor OUI lawyer may help you build a strong defense so that you avoid a conviction.

High Car Insurance Rates

With an OUI conviction, you can also expect higher car insurance rates for a while. Insurance companies may consider you a high-risk driver and charge you more money for insurance to protect themselves. Some insurance companies may deny you insurance coverage altogether. In order to afford these costly insurance rates, you may need to adjust your budget accordingly.

Fewer Employment Opportunities

Another thing you may have to worry with an OUI conviction is fewer employment opportunities in the future. Many employers may be wary about hiring people with OUI convictions, especially if the job involves driving. A skilled OUI lawyer Bangor, ME trusts may help you fight you charge so that you do not miss any employment opportunities.

Hiring an OUI Lawyer

Once you have been charged with an OUI, there’s no time to waste. It may be in your best interest to set up a consultation with an OUI lawyer Bangor, ME relies on, like David, right away to discuss your case. He may carefully evaluate all the evidence in your case and start working on your defense.

With a skilled lawyer like David on your side, you may rest easier at night knowing that you are in good hands. He may give it his all to ensure your rights are protected.

If you are searching for an OUI lawyer Bangor, ME offers, contact David Bate at (207) 945-3233.

Hiring an Experienced Private OUI Lawyer in Bangor, Maine

A OUI attorney from David Bate Law can greatly increase the likelihood that your case will have a positive resolution. Because our OUI lawyer specializes in these types of cases, they are familiar with the pertinent laws, judges, prosecutors, and other factors that come into play when defending the accused.

Very often, our OUI lawyer is able to negotiate a lesser charge on behalf of our clients. This may dramatically reduce the penalties against them and allow them to avoid the courtroom altogether. Trials can cause added delays, stress, and cost for the defendant. In some instances, our OUI lawyer in Bangor may be able to get a charge dismissed when there a client’s rights were violated, or there is a technical issue such as faulty or improperly calibrated field test equipment.

David Bate Law offers free consultations to those accused of crimes, including OUI—contact us today to request a case review with an experienced OUI lawyer Bangor, ME resident’s can count on for advice.