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Personal Injury Lawyer Bangor MEI am a personal injury attorney proud to represent injured persons.  I aggressively investigate a case and negotiate to force the settlement that you deserve. I will meet with you at no charge to discuss your accident and injuries.  I will explain your due compensation and other legal options.  If you cannot reach me at the office and you need immediate attention, call my cell phone at (207) 478-1093 or email me an Injury Review Form.  I am always available to my clients. Do not speak to the insurance company. You need an attorney to protect you.  Read “How do I know if I need a lawyer?

Over the years, I have gained the deepest admiration and respect for persons who face life-altering events.  It gives me great satisfaction to help you, an innocent victim, to your rightful recovery.  I believe my approach to clients and opponents reduces the frustration and alienation so commonly experienced by accident victims. If you have been injured through someone else’s fault, you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and other damages caused by the accident.  It is an outrage that insurance companies often pay injured persons a fraction of the actual value of their case.  Even though you have a legitimate injury, the insurance company’s every move is calculated to minimize or avoid their payment obligation to you.  They will often contact you and obtain taped telephone statements that can be used against you in court.

Call me immediately. The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more difficult it may be to obtain and preserve evidence crucial to your rightful recovery. As time slips by, it may become more difficult to obtain evidence – from tire marks to the identity of eye witnesses. When you hire me, I will make sure that your facts and witnesses are there when you need them.

The sooner you call, the more likely you are to get the recovery you deserve. If I am busy on another case, I will contact you as soon as I can.

I, personally, will handle your case from start to finish. You will not be asked to speak to a paralegal or subordinate attorney.  You will receive my personal cell phone number to doubly ensure that you are able to reach me when necessary.



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