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There’s nothing like a walk in the park on a Fall day or a leisurely stroll around your new neighborhood to take in the sites; nothing like a little fresh air. The Fall would be the most advantageous time of year because you are truly able to witness and enjoy the transition of the seasons as the leaves turn brown leaving the trees, only to return in the Spring.  The gradual crispness that develops in the air is welcoming following the likely “too hot” Summer.  Taking a walk though refreshing to quickly turn into something horrific, traumatizing, or even fatal so while taking a walking is breathtaking, you must remain conscious and cautious of your surroundings, misfortune can be lurking around the corner.  Everyone loves their pets, especially dogs, they are the only animal considered man’s best friend.  Despite the child or friendlier breeds like Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Labradors, and Collies, a lot of people tend to go for more aggressive breeds such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds, just to name a few.  While it is safe to assume that these dogs are sought out for protection, just as with any pet, extra care has to be done to ensure that your pet is safe from people and people are safe from your pet.

No matter how familiar you are with your neighborhood or even your neighbors, safety should be paramount.  When walking, whether it be for health reasons or just to partake in the scenery, you should carry some pepper spray, a walking stick, or mace, to protect yourself from any four legged friends who aren’t as friendly as it seems.  There have been countless cases where a child or adult are doing something as simple as walking to the store or waiting at the bus stop and are attacked by animals that have gotten away from the homes and owners.  There was a recent story a woman and her dog were mauled by a dog as she took her dog for a walk, despite the tragic ending to that situation, still people are careless when it comes to caring for their animals as well as others.

If you have been attacked or bit by a dog that does not belong to you, you may be able to seek both retribution as well as monetary compensation due to the malice actions of your neighbor.  To find out what your options are and how the matter can be remedied, you should seek the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney Atlanta GA trusts who can provide clarity during a tumultuous time.

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