Settling Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer Maine

Personal Injury Lawyer MaineIf you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence and are in the process of filing a personal injury claim, you may begin to wonder how long it may take to reach settlement. There are several aspects that go into a personal injury case and, in general, you can settle the claim quickly as long as you are willing to take less money. For some, taking a lower payout is not reasonable. The question you have to ask yourself if how much money you would be willing to give up for a quick settlement? Are you more concerned about time or the money? At David Bate Law Firm, a Maine personal injury lawyer can help provide legal guidance when choosing to settle early or wait for higher compensation.

Reasons It May Take So Long

In some circumstances, the case will most likely take a long time to settle. There are typically three main reasons why a personal injury claim can move slowly:

1. Legal or factual problems have arisen with the case.

The value of a personal injury claim is determined by liability, who is at fault and the damages or injuries the plaintiff received. If the liability is difficult to prove, then the insurer is most likely not going to offer a reasonable settlement. Liability experts will need to show that the defendant was at fault.

2. There is a lot of money involved with the case.

When large sums of money are involved, the settlement may take a longer time. Insurers are not willing to pay big money on settlements until they have done their own investigation. The insurer will not be prepared to settle until they are convinced that:

Unfortunately, some insurers may try to delay the settlement on large cases to push the plaintiff towards accepting less money more quickly. Some people who experience very serious injuries need the settlement money and do not have the luxury of waiting for higher compensation. Insurers are aware of this and may try to wait out the plaintiff.

3. You have not yet reached a point of maximum medical improvement from your injuries.

Settlement may also take a long time if you are still being treated for your injuries. If possible, it is recommended that you wait for settlement until you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). The reason it is important to wait for MMI before settling is that your personal injury lawyer in Maine will have a total value of your damages and be able to fight for higher compensation.

Legal Guidance

When cases involve any of these situations, the settlement process is going to take a longer time. The only way to make one of these cases go by quickly is to settle with far less money than what you deserve. Hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer Maine clients recommend from David Bate Law Firm can help ensure you are getting the compensation you deserve.