Slip and Fall Lawyer Bangor ME

Slip and Fall Lawyer Bangor MEAs a slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME residents depend on may explain, property owners have a duty of care to make sure their property is reasonably safe and free of dangerous hazards that could injure someone. When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident, or other types of incident caused by a property owner’s negligence, this is referred to as a premises liability case.

If you have sustained injuries from a fall that may have been caused by a property owner’s negligence, you may wish to contact a slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME clients recommend. Attorney David Bate has built a stellar reputation for aggressively fighting for injured clients and getting them the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

A professional slip and fall lawyer in Bangor ME has likely had many clients who suffered serious injuries from falls. These injuries include:

Depending on how serious the injury is, a victim may be left with permanent damage that results in a lifelong disability. A slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME community members turn to realizes that these disabilities can leave a victim unable to go back to the job they had before the accident. It could even impact their day-to-day life, leaving them unable to do many of the activities they enjoyed before they were hurt.

Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

A seasoned slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME residents depend on knows that a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere that a safety hazard is present. Wet or slippery surfaces, uneven walkway pavement, and stairways which are poorly maintained are just some of the dangerous hazards that property owners may fail to address. Many of our clients have been injured while they were in retail or grocery stores, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, and private residences. Slip and fall accidents can happen inside the property or outside, such as in parking lots.

No matter where on the property the accident happened, a Bangor slip and fall lawyer can discuss your case with you and determine if the was another party responsible for your fall.

Who Is Responsible for a Premises Liability Accident?

As a slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME provides may explain, any premises liability accident, such as a slip and fall, can be a complex one when it comes to determining who the negligent party is. There are many different scenarios that may be relevant when determining who had the duty of care for the property. This is where a skilled attorney can make all the difference.

A slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME clients trust understands that in many cases, the person who is responsible for the victim’s injuries is the property owner; however, that is may not apply to all situations. In addition to the owner of the property, there may be other parties responsible, such as when a commercial property is leased to a business. In these situations, it is not uncommon for the agreement between the property owner and the business to stipulate that it is the responsibility of the business to maintain the property.

Another scenario that an experienced slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME provides may have seen is when a contractor is performing work on the property and a victim is injured. In this situation, the contractor may also be held partially liable for the injuries, depending on the circumstances.

Victims can get injured if a property owner or business create certain conditions that cause the victim to fall, such as washing a floor but failing to put up a warning sign that the floor may be slippery. A victim can also get injured if the responsible party or parties fail to maintain the property and repair hazards like loose handrails or broken steps. A slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME can provide is aware that the responsible party should inspect the property on a regular basis to make sure that these situations do not occur. Failure to do so could result in a premises liability lawsuit.

A skilled slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME victims depend on may help determine the responsible party who was responsible for your accident, and then take the appropriate actions to file an injury claim seeking financial compensation.

Preparing a Premises Liability Case

In order to prove a premises liability case, a slip and fall lawyer Bangor ME offers may have to show that the owner and/or other responsible parties knew or should have known that the dangerous condition existed. For example, if someone spills a drink on a store floor and another customer slips and falls, this could be a premises liability case. The injured party will have to show that the owner knew (or should have known) about the spill and that he/she had a reasonable amount of time to clean up the spill.

There are several different ways an attorney may be able to build their case against a property owner. An attorney may investigate to see if there have been any other similar injuries or complaints filed against parties responsible for the property. Investigating the scene, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining possible surveillance video are other ways an attorney may use to help build their case.

Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Bangor ME

If you have been injured in a fall caused by a property owner’s negligence or recklessness, contact an experienced Bangor slip and fall lawyer to discuss what your legal options may be. Attorney David Bate has been practicing law for more than two decades and has successfully helped many clients obtain the financial compensation they deserved for their injuries.

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