The Dangers of High-Speed Driving

  • By:David Bate

Speeding may be one of the more romanticized pastimes in America with images of solitary drivers on an open road and no speed limits. The reality, however, is that speeding, especially high-speed driving, is inherently dangerous and can have lifetime repercussions, as a car accident lawyer West Palm Beach FL drivers trust can attest.

There is a reason why most states have speed limits on their highways and it’s not just to rain on the parade of those with kicky, high-horsepower engines. The reason is because driving at high speeds, especially those above the posted speed limit, is asking for when, not if, an accident will occur that will result in death. Roads are engineered to handle cars and trucks that go a certain speed, especially curves, ramps, and bridges. Drivers who flaunt those speed limits, test the engineering of the roads, and more often than not, the road will win.

Remember that driving at high speeds means that it takes that much longer to react, to brake, and to slow down. In the time that it takes to do these things, the point of no return may have already been reached, the driver may not be skilled enough to safely lower the speed, or the car may have already begun to spin out of control. The higher the velocity of the crash, the harder seat belts and airbags must work to protect occupants and in some cases, they are simply not up to the task.

Even if a crash is not necessarily destined to happen, high-speed driving can still be expensive in the form of speeding tickets which can also translate into higher insurance rates since no insurance company wants to insure someone who has a propensity to flaunt speed limits so much that they are caught. Too many speeding tickets can also result in license suspension meaning the person is no longer legally allowed to drive a car. If you depend upon your car to get to work, this can be a significant hit.

High-speed driving also opens drivers up to huge third party liability concerns especially if their high-speed driving results in the death or injury of another. For example, if someone is speeding and crashes, and in that crash, their passenger or a third party driver is killed, the speeding driver will not only face jail time, but will also likely face numerous lawsuits and wrongful death actions. Even when a passenger or other driver is injured, rather than killed, the liability can be prohibitively expensive.

Of course, the penultimate price for high-speed driving is incarceration, particularly if that driving results in injury or property damage to others or if there are other enhancing factors such as alcohol or drugs. Loss of personal freedom, more than loss of driving privileges is not only possible, it’s likely in this kind of situation.

High-speed driving has no real benefits since it usually results, at the least, in speeding tickets, higher insurance rates, and loss of license privileges. Incarceration and death are also very real possible outcomes.

Thanks to contributors from the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. for their insight into dangers of high-speed driving.


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